Products, Science & SkepticismPower or Placebo? The Battle Of The Bands Concludes 

-Words by Ru Hill

A few weeks ago we wrote a blog pointing out a few of the red flags which told us that Power Balance bracelets are a con. The post ended up being the most viewed blog we’ve ever done.

Ever the defender of science and reason, Ru has been campaigning against the scam at every opportunity. So this morning he woke to be greeted by the best birthday present he could have hoped for: Power Balance have been ordered to cease all false advertising claims in Australia and offer refunds to anyone who has purchased one of the bracelets. (Read more here…)

Surf Simply technical surf coaching resort, Guiones, Nosara, Costa Rica

Want an idea for a last minute Christmas present? Australia’s Skeptics Bros have launched the $2 Placebo Band (above) to compete with the $60 dollar originals. We love that Power Balance’s UK website points out quite correctly that “…fakes do not work.” (Insert own joke here).

Remember folks if you ever see a surf product (or any product) being sold using “Applied Kinesiology” (which is the sciencey sounding name for the balance “test” used to sell Power Balance bands) then you can bet your last dollar that it’s gonna be a scam. If you’ve been fooled by it in the past then don’t worry, you’re in good company: Robert de Niro, David Beckham, Leonardo De Caprio, P Diddy and Ronaldo, among others, have been taking in by the con. Here’s how it works…

Still convinced that the Power Balance band works for you? It’s true that the placebo effect is measurable but remember that you also get a placebo effect from something which also has a real effect. So call the refund line on 1800 733 436 between 9am and 5pm, get your money back and buy one of the following instead:

– Taylor Knox’s Surf Exercises DVD
– An Indo Board
– Some Hyperstretch Board Shorts
– Membership at your local swimming pool
– Gym membership
– A baby sitter for the afternoon while you go surfing
– Two great surf movies to watch over and over again
– A banged up old short board for learning to duck dive on
– A banged up old long board for distance paddling on a flat days or lakes

If you’d like to hear an informed and funny conversion about Power Balance bands then check out episode No.280 of The Skeptics Guide To The Universe, or episode No.35 of Skeptics With A K