What Level Surfer am I?Learn how to communicate your surfing level. 

Why is your skill level important?Being able to communicate your current skill and experience to us before you arrive at Surf Simply allows us to plan your week of coaching to maximize your progress.

“Intermediate” can mean anything from a few days, to a few decades of surfing, so instead we use the level 1-4 system. When you’re here, you’ll be learning along side one or two other surfers who are at the same level as you. Most weeks we have a mix of level 1 to level 4 surfers. We never mix ability levels within groups. Here is a summary of which skills are specific to each level.

Level 1 Surfing

Level one coaching begins in the forgiving white water. You won’t be out of your depth until you are comfortable to do so. You’ll learn how to select and catch waves unassisted; how to stall and accelerate the board; the difference between trimming and carving turns; and the functional stance which will allow you to perform big turns and progress onto catching unbroken waves during your stay.

Surf Simply technical surf coaching resort

Level 2 Surfing

Level 2 surfers can comfortably stand on the board and are focusing on catching unbroken waves. You’ll learn to paddle through the white water efficiently and safely; learn about binary and dynamic wave selection; work on agility and prediction drills; angle your take off; create speed down the line; understand etiquette and know how to confidently and safely deal with any situation which may present itself to you.

Surf Simply technical surf coaching resort

Level 3 Surfing

Level 3 surfers can consistently catch head high waves without assistance. Most of the coaching is done with the video camera, allowing you to see what you are doing on the face of the wave. We start with how to find the fastest trimming line, then how, why and when to perform horizontal carving changes of direction. The final stages of level 3 involve learning how to climb on top of white water sections, rather than going below them.

Surf Simply technical surf coaching resort

Level 4 Surfing

Listen to one of our level 4 guests talk about their experience at Surf Simply. Level 4 video coaching is about performing committed manoeuvres, in the critical part of the wave with speed, power and flow. We establish which areas of your surfing are the limiting factor. Then you’ll learn which skills are relevant to you so you can break your free surfs up into productive bite sized drills. The aim is that you will leave being able to fault find and self coach by watching videos of yourself in future.

Surf Simply technical surf coaching resort