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Surf Simply

A Surf Coaching Resort

Our week long, all inclusive surf coaching courses have been featured in The New York TimesForbes, Outside MagazineThe Wall Street Journal, The Huffington Post and CNN as well as receiving hundreds of 5 star TripAdvisor and Google reviews. Check out our video tutorials, volume to weight calculator, Tree of Knowledge or the Surf Simply podcast. Even better come to stay with us.

Last week at Surf Simply
February 18-25, 2023
"It felt so nice to be in the water with a crowd all supporting you. The other guests were stoked about each others progress alongside all the coaches excitement and support. It felt like a little family out there. " 
- Evan Greenwood | February 17th, 2023

Surf Simply

Technical surf coaching

Unlike conventional surf schools, this isn’t about standing up. At Surf Simply we identify the many specific skills behind the sport and then break down the mechanisms, making surfing accessible to everyone. Our team of 9 ISA and ILSF qualified coaches are surf geeks who work with just 12 guests each week, replacing ambiguous surf lingo with clear, concise, systemized coaching. We don’t teach you how to surf. We teach you how to teach yourself how to surf, or surf better through a combination of video feedback, theory lessons, and in-water coaching.

Surf Simply technical surf coaching resort
Surf Simply technical surf coaching resort

Michael N 

January 2023 (TripAdvisor)

"Fantastic teachers, great environment and food. Surf Simply definitely increased my surfing abilities and confidence and condensed 6-12 months of learning into one week. Lots of fun too. Definitely recommend!"

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Colleen Henriksen 

November 2022 (Google Review)

"As a beginner surfer, my goal for the week was to stand up on the surf board and ride a wave. With the incredible program at Surf Simply and my coach Justin with assist from Gabriele I was able to develop a foundation from which to build on and by the end of the week, I was catching my own waves and consistently riding the white water!!
The entire staff from hospitality, culinary, photographers, massage therapists and coaching were super positive, extremely knowledgeable, kind and patient. The small boutique resort was very well appointed with beautiful rooms each with private balcony, very comfortable beds, a beautiful shared indoor/outdoor lounge, kitchen and pool area and the functionality of the design to allow for classroom and yoga studio space, exceeded all of my expectations. Not to mention my incredible massages I received from Jamie . This week not only exceeded my expectations, but I left having fallen in love with surfing.
Thank you Surf Simply - See you soon!!"

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Paul Gaglio 

October 2022 (Google Review)

"After an 8 year absence, I returned for my third visit to Surf Simply. This was my first experience at the "new" Surf Simply location, and it did not disappoint. The accommodations are incredible, and the overall experience at Surf Simply continues to be defined as "relentless consistency". The coaching continues to be fantastic, the food is phenomenal, the stretch classes and messages were outstanding, the location is perfect and the videographers/photographers help to capture your experience here for you to re-live as often as you like. The entire staff including the cooks, mixologist, servers, maintenance staff, stretch instructor, masseuse, behind the scenes logistic staff, and the coaches clearly behave like a family..."

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Mark K  

November 2022 (TripAdvisor)

"Surf Simply is a first-class surf camp with luxury accommodations, food, cocktails and service. The entire experience was excellent from start to finish, and the staff were uniformly friendly and welcoming. The whole place is defined by competent planning and execution of every detail from booking to checkout.

I met a great group of people with abilities varying from beginner to intermediate, and although I was travelling solo, it was very easy to mingle and meet everyone.

For me, the most important aspect of the week was the surf coaching I received. I have been surfing for about 10 years and have had some coaching here and there, but the level of coaching at Surf Simply was truly a cut above..."

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David Highet 

October 2022 (Google Reviews)

"One of the best, if not the best, weeks of my life. It's been a decades long desire of mine to surf, and Surf Simply made that dream come true, but beyond that, it was outstanding in every aspect - coaches, food, activities, personnel, accommodations, media, memories, you name it."

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Chris Butler  

November 2022 (Google Reviews)

"Simply exceeds expectations!

I've spent the best part of a decade trying to figure out all the things I'm doing wrong surfing. My coach had my number after the first session, and we spent the week building up my awareness while my ability slowly catches up. I made massive steps forward.

The people make this place! the Simply Surf team is incredible, everyone brings their A game, which made our stay brilliant. Location, lodgings, FOOOOOD!, coaching all top notch, and it was seriously fun."

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Surf Simply review by Michael Nardelli
Surf Simply technical surf coaching resort
Surf Simply technical surf coaching resort
everything is included.
Surf Simply technical surf coaching resort
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Surf Simply

Just surf, learn & relax

Simply buy your plane ticket and we take care of everything else. We will pick you up from the airport and bring you to our resort here in Nosara. We will have already asked you about your surfing experience and goals and your preferences regarding every detail of your trip from massages, stretch classes and food, to extra activities like stand up paddle boarding, fishing or horseback riding. Every distracting detail, even down to things like tipping and bar tabs, will have already been taken care of by us before you even leave home.