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Surf Simply

A Surf Coaching Resort

Our week long, all inclusive surf coaching courses have been featured in The New York TimesForbes, Outside MagazineThe Wall Street Journal, The Huffington Post and CNN as well as receiving hundreds of 5 star TripAdvisor and Google reviews. Check out our video tutorials, volume to weight calculator, Tree of Knowledge or the Surf Simply podcast. Even better come to stay with us.

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May 20-27, 2023
"The curriculum here is very technical and uses a lot of biomechanics. Learning the mechanics and the why behind every single detail has really given me the knowledge that can go home and coach myself when I practice in the water. " 
- Jen Chan | May 26th, 2023

Surf Simply

Technical surf coaching

Unlike conventional surf schools, this isn’t about standing up. At Surf Simply we identify the many specific skills behind the sport and then break down the mechanisms, making surfing accessible to everyone. Our team of 9 ISA and ILSF qualified coaches are surf geeks who work with just 12 guests each week, replacing ambiguous surf lingo with clear, concise, systemized coaching. We don’t teach you how to surf. We teach you how to teach yourself how to surf, or surf better through a combination of video feedback, theory lessons, and in-water coaching.

Surf Simply technical surf coaching resort
Surf Simply technical surf coaching resort

Robert Sebastian 

May 2023 (TripAdvisor)

"Truly amazing. The Surf Simply team is incredible. Nosara itself is great. But Surf Simply takes it to the next level. The surf coaching is fantastic. But they focus on and nail every detail including the food, drinks, lodging, the massages. All of which made for a truly memorable trip. Thank you! I'll be coming back."

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Carl Wright 

May 2023 (Google Review)

"Been many times - amazing people, amazing place, super fun!"

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Jon Eshleman 

April 2023 (Google Review)

"I had an incredible experience at Surf Simply. The staff, the coaching, the accommodations, and the food were all top notch! I've been surfing most of my life, and I found the coaching to be very helpful (Hat Tip to Jessie Carnes - my coach). It was a luxury learning experience, coupled with a tremendously hospitable staff. I would highly recommend it for any level surfer--from beginners through advanced!"

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Kristine Hernandez 

March 2023 (TripAdvisor)

"Incredible experience. From the food, to the rooms, the communal spaces, classrooms, proximity to the beach, thoughtful scheduling, abundance of gear, and of course the technical coaching and dry land curriculum, Surf Simply is above and beyond. What the Surf Simply team creates for their guests is magical, seamless. The business feels well run and the team is enthusiastic about what they do. I learned a lot and had a great time. The a.m. and p.m kitchen staff, Jessie, Derek, Lau, Diego, Gabby, and Jamie were the team members I most interacted with and they never ceased to surprise and impress. Was easy to be a solo guest. It was expensive but Surf Simply delivered, and there were no surprise costs. It’s been harder to write this review than I would’ve thought—keep getting lost in the memory high of wading into a warm, clear ocean, being handed the just right smoothie in the hot tub after a surf, and the outrageous indulgence of the coconut fridge…"

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Amazing Surf Camp
Surf Simply review by Michael Nardelli
Surf Simply technical surf coaching resort
Surf Simply technical surf coaching resort

Surf Simply

Just surf, learn & relax

Simply buy your plane ticket and we take care of everything else. We will pick you up from the airport and bring you to our resort here in Nosara. We will have already asked you about your surfing experience and goals and your preferences regarding every detail of your trip from massages, stretch classes and food, to extra activities like stand up paddle boarding, fishing or horseback riding. Every distracting detail, even down to things like tipping and bar tabs, will have already been taken care of by us before you even leave home.