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A podcast about surf culture, characters, coaching and competition from the team at Surf Simply, with Harry Knight, Asher King, Ru Hill, Jessie Carnes, Will Forster and Derek Dietiker.

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60 - A Grand Day Out

Surf Simply spends a day at Kelly Slater’s Surf Ranch. Plus: Harry surfs El Salvador; Jessie goes cave diving; Asher talks shaping philosophy at Bing and surfs Call To The Wall in Malibu; Surf Simply posts philanthropic; Indo goes bananas; Tesla’s surfboard; Craig Pearce’s WSL job application; Felipe Toledo coming of age; Facebook fumbles , what to watch and Teal interviews Surf Ranch guide, James Matthews.

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58 - Mexico & The Machine

With Asher back from the Mexilogfest and Ru back from Kelly’s Wave Pool, we compare the two very different events and ask what lies ahead for surf contests plus: Jacuzzi in the studio, glamping in big Sur, Waco gravity wave, sharks in W.A., upcoming Uluwatu contest and what to watch.

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57 - Mick Fanning: The Best Of Us

Understanding the relationship between surfboard volume and surface area plus: a look back at Mick Fanning’s career; Surf Simply’s Nicaragua trip (and injuries), Derek hand planing, changing towels, no pipe masters, air shows, George Downing passes, Kirra & Bells contest catch up, new contest format; WSL changes and what to watch. 

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