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A podcast about surf culture, characters, coaching and competition from the team at Surf Simply, with Harry Knight, Asher King, Ru Hill, Jessie Carnes, Will Forster and Derek Dietiker.

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69 - The Morning After The Century Before

Humanity has to collectively tidy up its bedroom before it can go out to play! That’s right it’s an environment special where we talk about the surprising data on ocean plastics, what individuals can do to combat climate change and recycling surfboards. Also, monkey poop, neon jumpsuits, crossover boards, Away Co., Teahupoo, Surf Simply revisit Indo and what to watch.

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68 - How To Film Yourself & the EOS 2.0

How to video yourself surfing plus Surf Simply 2019 news including a new online coaching platform, volume to weight calculator now live, tree of knowledge live, return to Surf Ranch, e-foils, the Gamma, Lost, San Clemente and what to watch with special guests Matt Warshaw and Mark Augias, the creators of Encyclopedia Of Surfing 2.0.

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67 - Of The Woods And Sea

The fascinating and thoughtful James Otter from Otter surfboards talks about the world of wooden surfboards and how his business evolved from selling boards into teaching people how to make them.

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66 - Listener Questions 2

Marlon joins the team, Mexican coaching project, Spanglishness, Wright whales, WSL buys NLand, Pat O'Connell as new WSL commissioner, Surfer Magazine gets sold and the Stab awards, plus: is it possible to have too much volume, my first twin fin, how to put your board on the roof and what to watch.

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