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A podcast about surf culture, characters, coaching and competition from the team at Surf Simply, with Harry Knight, Asher King, Ru Hill, Jessie Carnes, Will Forster and Derek Dietiker.

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66 - Listener Questions 2

Marlon joins the team, Mexican coaching project, Spanglishness, Wright whales, WSL buys NLand, Pat O'Connell as new WSL commissioner, Surfer Magazine gets sold and the Stab awards, plus: is it possible to have too much volume, my first twin fin, how to put your board on the roof and what to watch.

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65 - Wide Points And Bottle Necks

In Asher’s final show as a Surf Simply coach we talk about longboard wide point concepts, the backlash to equal pay for women, violence in surfing plus: Barbados; five contests in one day and a little lightweight banter on immigration, climate change, and gun control, plus what to watch.

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64 - All Things Being Equal

Harry, Jessie, Will, and Teale are back from Europe recording from Surf Simply's new resort for the first time. The guys talk travels, equal prize money, WSL contest action, shapers quiz, representing at the Olympics and what to watch.

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63 - How To Build A Surf Simply

People & Company work with some of the world’s most famous house hold names to help them develop branding and build community. This episode is a repost of an interview they did with Ru Hill about how he built Surf Simply. Ru talks about the importance of building up people, knocking down ideas and why better doesn't mean bigger.

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