massage & mobility trainingHow we take care of your body outside the surf 

Mobilty for surfing

mobility sessions

We have designed our daily mobility sessions to complement the surf coaching you'll receive during the week. While there are elements of yoga in each session, this is not yoga. Each session is designed to soothe tired muscles and be a relaxing recharge, but at the same time, give you tools to take away with you, which, if put into practice regularly, will enhance your performance and longevity as a surfer.

Massage therapy


Two full body massages are also included as part of your surf coaching course. Our therapists, Jaimee and Esther are experts in deep tissue, sports, and relaxing massage therapies. You'll have the opportunity to push yourself physically and mentally in the surf, and you'll find it's good to balance that with moments of indulgent relaxation. Not only will you earn it, but a relaxed student also learns better.