Other Tours & ActivitiesLots to do that's not surfing 

We've got you coveredWe'll arrange anything you'd like to do.

All our guests have a much-needed day off from surf coaching mid-week, which allows enjoying some of the other activities that Nosara has to offer. We will, of course, arrange everything for you and cover the costs of your non-surfer activities.

For non-surfing partners, we can set up any/all of these non-surfing activities, massages, spa treatments, or anything else that might've caught your eye as something you'd like to do in Nosara. As with our surfing guests, we will cover all the costs and arrange your transport too. We ask you to specify what you might like to do before you arrive, as places for all these activities are limited.

Mountain biking

We have teamed up with Nosara Mountain to offer you the option of biking the Nosara's trails as a Wednesday, “day off” activity. You'll be given awesome, high-end electric peddle-assisted mounting bikes, then guided along the beaches, jungle paths and custom made trails. There are various options of trail depending on your experience - beginner, intermediate or advanced. These guys love biking and it's a really cool experience.

Welcome to Nosara MTB

Costa Verdes: Plant Your Own Tree At Our Beach

Costas Verdes is a local project replanting indigenous trees. You will be taught about the local trees and allowed to leave your mark by planting one in the nature reserve between Surf Simply and the beach, so you will be part of Nosara forever and can see its growth every time you return.

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The Beauty Bar

We have teamed up with The Beauty Bar here in Nosara to offer you a range of spa treatments, including their fabulously relaxing mani-pedi.

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Bird watching & nature hikes

For this tour you get to choose to do the hike with Experience Nosara at Nosara’s Biological Reserve or at the beautiful property around Mala Noche Waterfall. In both locations you can see a wide variety of terrestrial and aquatic bird species. Our guide will provide information about amazing birds and nature along the way. Experienced bird watchers will also learn from local guides and will have the chance to get nice pictures.

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Stand Up Paddle Boarding & Kayaking

We’ve teamed up with Experience Nosara to offer stand up paddle boarding and kayaking. You can specify whether you would like to glide down the river through the mangroves, paddle out to check out the waves at one of the offshore reefs in the area or allow your knowledgeable guides to take you to wherever they think will be the most beautiful given the condition that day.

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Horseback riding

We have teamed up with Tico Tours Nosara to offer horseback riding as an option for your Wednesday “day off” activity. The stables take excellent care of all their horses, so you can feel good about riding these much-loved animals through the jungle trails or along the beach, depending on where your guide feels it will be most picturesque that day.

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Las Cerámicas studio is equipped with all you need to bring your clay creations to life. If you are an experienced potter, you can enjoy an open studio time and kiln firings. If you're a beginner, you can take a class with local Costa Rican teachers.

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Cold Plunge + Sauna

Enjoy the cold plunge + sauna experience at the Harmony Hotel’s Healing Centre. You’ll have access to their two cold plunge pools and sauna for 60 minutes.

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