The rooms & resortAn exquisitely designed surf coaching resort 

The Surf Simply Resort

sophisticated & simple

The Surf resort sits just 200m back from the water's edge, with only the protected nature reserve between your room and the waves. The design intentionally blurs the lines between a tropical hotel, a sports coaching center, and your friend's enviable beach house. Designed by award-winning architects Gensler, the concept of a high-end surf coaching resort is not something that has existed before.

The lounge area, with its expansive, comfortable sofas, overlooks the nature reserve, the swimming pool, and the glass-walled coaching studios. Many of our guests are solo travelers, so we designed the resort to be scaled such that conversations between new friends can spring up organically without anyone feeling like they are imposing on anyone else's space.

Designed by Gensler and winner of the 7th Annual Latin America Design Awards Best of Competition, Surf Simply was built with sustainability as a priority and is LEED platinum certified.

LEED Platinum Certified

L.E.E.D. Platinum Certified

That’s the highest award a building can receive for minimizing environmental impact both during construction and also everyday operation.

Surf Simply resort, L.E.E.D. Platinum Certified

Socially & environmentally designed

your bedroom

Comfy beds. Beautiful views

Each of the resort's 10 bedrooms has a huge California bed with an unbelievably comfortable mattress. The glass wall at the end of each room overlooks the garden and nature reserve, as does a desk in case you need to keep up with work (don't worry, we have fast wifi too).

Unlike a hotel, there are no bar tabs to be signed or bar bills to worry about. As well as the delicious meals we will serve, you can help yourself to drinks and snacks at any time, making your stay here feel more like a second home.