Surf Simply MagazineCause or Affected 

-Words by Kim Feldmann, images by Mat Arney
a handful of plastic nurdles collecting from a beach

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome in the Surf 

-Words by Emma Bukowski
entrepreneur emma bukowski surfing a longboard as seen from behind the wave

The Birth of The Endless Summer 

-Words by Mat Arney, images by Dick Metz Collection/SHACC & film by Richard Yelland
dick metz at cape st francis in 1960

Surfboard Hydrodynamics: Whats Really Happening Beneath Your Board? 

-Words by Harry Knight, images by Dan Mullins, Mat Arney, Harry Knight, Image Cabin
underwater view of a surfer going along a wave with tell tale ribbons on the bottom of his surfboard

Paddle, Paddle, Paddle! 

-Words by Kim Feldmann, images by Surf Simply
two surfers paddlingout to an empty peak at surf simply in costa rica

Can't Look Away 

-Words by Kim Feldmann, images by Mat Arney
spectators with umbrellas stand on the cliff at nazare in portugal watching giant waves breaking

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