Surf Simply MagazineBlue Carbon: A Climate Solution Beneath Our Surfboards? 

-Words by Mat Arney, images by Surf Simply, Mat Arney, Ian Finch, Dan Mullins, Callum Morse
aerial view of surfers in the line-up at surf simply, playa guiones, costa rica

Catch Them Early: The Role of Family Support for Girls in Action Sports 

-Words by Kim Feldmann, images by Surf Simply, Liam Mitchell, Jasper Da Seymour, Mat Arney & film by Menzies Institute for Medical Research
surfer jessie carnes performing a cutback

Designing For The Destination 

-Words by Kim Feldmann, images by John Fache
concept sketches for a surfboard storage and surf check structure by john fache

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger 

-Words by Kim Feldmann, images by Marine Jaud, Mat Arney
stephanie gilmore competing at surf ranch

Tai Wātea | Waves of Freedom 

-Words by Kim Feldmann, images by Tai Watea, Katie Char Photography & film by Bradley Hook/Dash Media
surf lesson as part of Tai Wātea surf therapy program

Keeping The Balance 

-Words by Kim Feldmann, images by Jerry-Thomas Monaco, Surf Simply, Mat Arney
using a battle rope for surf training through the winter

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