Our goal has been to break away from the traditional surf school mold, so instead of just hiring regular every day surfers as instructors, we have tried to bring together the world’s best teachers of surfing. If you’ve ever been taught to drive by a member of your family you’ll know the difference between being good at doing something and being good at teaching it.

Our team of 7 coaches (5 male and 2 female) is pooled from the tens of applications we get every year from experienced surf instructors wanting to come and work for us from all over the world. As well as being great surfers, all applicants must have up to date CPR, first aid and open water rescue certification as well as international beach lifeguard status with the ILSF and RLSS. They must also of course be ISA qualified surf coaches but that is where the training begins rather than where is ends.


All 7 coaches have completed a six month internship at Surf Simply to ensure that they all teach using the exact same clear, specific, concise and logical methodology whether they are doing video feedback, in water coaching, performing demos, teaching in the pool or giving a theory class. Our coaches do not aim to teach you how to surf, instead they aim to teach you how to teach yourself how to surf. It is this approach that makes receiving surf coaching at Surf Simply more productive than taking lessons at a traditional surf school.