Surf Simply Podcast38 - The Long Game 

Recorded on, Monday December 12th, with Harry Knight, Asher King, Will Forster, and Derek Dietiker


We started off by lamenting the loss of Derek's motorbike, before moving on to talk about Will meeting with Heather Hudson and Joni Sternbach last week. You can read Mat Arney's interview with Joni on the Surf Simply Magazine.

Asher spoke about his longboard session from last week, and you can see his edit here:

Harry spoke about Tony Hawk weighing in on Albee Layer's 540/720 spin that we spoke about in a previous show. Tony was in Harry's camp and called it a 720.


First up, it looks like the Eddie Aikau contest will be going ahead this year, and this will be the first year that there have been female surfers in the competition.

The Australian Olympic Committee have started the funding for the 2020 Olympics and are including surfing in their budget.

Dane Reynolds and The Inertia have been having a back and forth about a review of Dane's film that the Inertia published. Asher mentioned the Beach Grit commentary on the whole affair

The Surfer Poll took place last week, and you can check all the results here, the standout was Mason Ho's antics on the red carpet and in his acceptance speeches.


In contest news, the women's Honolua Pro took place in marginal conditions, with Tyler Wright beating Carissa Moore in the final.

The end of the Women's WCT means that we now know the qualifiers for the 2017 tour, so congratulations to Silvana Lima, Bronte Macaulay and Pauline Ado. Congratulations also to “Photography Sux” who won our Women's Fantasy Surfer League with a total of 2728pts.

We've also seen the end of the Men's WQS season with the finish of the World Cup of Surfing at Sunset Beach. Jordy Smith took the win, with Frederico Morais taking the lead on the Triple Crown.

The ISA Adaptive World Championships took place in California, with Team Brazil taking the overall win.

We mentioned the artwork by Andy Davis

Surf Simply technical surf coaching resort, Guiones, Nosara, Costa Rica

Lastly, the World Longboard Titles took place in Hainan Island, China. In the Men’s Phil Rajzman (BRA) beat Steven Sawyer (ZAF), and in the women’s TORY GILKERSON (USA) beat CHLOE CALMON (BRA). You can see some highlights of the contest here

MAIN FEATURE: Longboard Contests

We had a question from listener Michael Lautenbach about how longboard surfing is judged in competition. Asher quoted from the WSL Rule Book. Unfortunately I can't post any of the footage from the recent event, but you can see some highlights of the contest here. We also mentioned the Duct Tape events that have taken place over the last few years:

Asher also mentioned this article from Surfer Magazine.

MAIN FEATURE: The Rise of the Web Edit

Will talked us through the recent appearance of web series. He mentioned Mason Ho's series Licence to Chill, which won the Best Series category in the Surfer Poll.

We also mentioned Twelve from John John, The Search from Rip Curl, Whatever Beach and Just Passing Through from Reef and Enjoy By from Surfer Magazine.

We tried to pin down the first series that came to the web and Harry suggested 21 Days that Red Bull put together. Derek mentioned the old series War(d) Stories from Lost and Chris Ward.

Will really enjoyed the Hurley surf club coaching series;

However, he gave his best overall episode to Rip Curl’s The Search, Comfortably Numb:


We had a question about Competition Priority from Mark Cartner in Australia.

Harry also quoted from the WSL Rule Book, and mentioned the Joel & Kelly situation from a few years ago.

The event that Mark actually mentioned was Owen Wright vs. Nat Young at Trestles in 2015.

We also had a question from Noel LaPierre who asked about back foot vs front foot surfing.


Asher recommended this clip from Corey Colapinto:

Derek liked Episode 6 of John John's series Twelve:

Will liked Billabong's Board Tales on Andy Irons Garage:

Harry enjoyed this edit from Australia:

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