Surf Simply Podcast66 - Listener Questions 2 

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Recorded on Tuesday 19th February, 2019, with Harry Knight, Tommy Potterton, Derek Dietiker and Marlon Illig.


We started the show by welcoming Surf Simply's new coach, Marlon Illig.

Tommy mentioned our trip to Cornwall, England…

As well as our upcoming trip to the lefthand pointbreak in Saladita, Mexico.

Derek spoke about his ongoing efforts to learn Spanish, and Harry spoke about being back in the coaching team for the last few months as well as his recent appearance on the local Nosara Podcast.


We had an email from Robyn Irvine explaining to us how you can estimate populations of animals. Here is the image of right whale callosity markings.

Surf Simply technical surf coaching resort, Guiones, Nosara, Costa Rica


First up in the news this episode is the WSL buying the N-Land Wave Park in Austin Texas. Tommy mentioned this video of the recent Chinese wave pool.

Next in the news is Pat O'Connell taking over from Keran Perrow as the World Tour Commissioner, and American Media buying out Ten Publishing which is the current publisher of Surfer Magazine.

We also mentioned Stab Magazine's “Surfer of the Year” list and the Surf Photo Competition that is being run to raise money for Surf Aid and Waves 4 Water.


We had some listener emails to answer this episode. First up was one from Zouhair Belkoura about surfboard volumes.

Harry mentioned previous pieces from Episode 50 and 51 about surfboard design, and also this shot of Jessie riding a 6'6 Firewire Dominator.

Tommy then took a question from Brandon Lane who was trying to choose a first Twin Fin Surfboard.

He was trying to choose between a DHD Mini Twin

And a Firewire Go Fish

Tommy also recommended the DHD Mini Twin II and Harry brought up the Surf Simply Volume to Weight Calculations.

Surf Simply technical surf coaching resort, Guiones, Nosara, Costa Rica

Derek finally fielded a question from Channing Johnson about how to attach a surfboard to the roof of a car.

We spoke about the impacts on fuel efficiency from having things on the roof.

Finally Harry mentioned the current records for Surfboard Stacking.



Weird Waves: Severn Bore:


  • Dane reynolds “The electric acid board test”: &t=947s


  • Red Eye: Mike Lay


  • Working class

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