Surf Simply Podcast59 - Surviving Holds Downs + CJ Nelson Interview 

Recorded on Monday 11th June, 2018, with Harry Knight, Jessie Carnes, Tommy Potterton and Teale Beckenbach


We started the show by congratulating Jessie on getting engaged and buying some property in Nosara.

Tommy told us about his adventures in Mexico

Teale told us about her trip to Arenal with her parents

Harry has bought himself a String Trimmer, which Will has been borrowing, but talking about paragliding got us talking about Jessie and Will's recent paragliding adventure.


First up in the news was the massive swell in Fiji

We next spoke about 2 recent injuries in the surf world. Taj Burrow has damaged his ACL, and John John Florence has damaged both his ACL and LCL.

Tickets are now available for the CT event at the Wave Ranch, ranging from $99 for a day pass to $9000 for VIP access with a chance to surf the pool the following day.

Lastly in the news, the town of Anglet in France has decided to ban Hydrofoils.


We've had 4 contests run while we've been off air

In the Corona Bali Protected Italo Ferreira won over Michele Bourez in the final

and in the Women's, Lakey Peterson won over Tyler Wright

Then in the Uluwatu event Willian Cardoso won over Julian Wilson

In the women's, Johanne Defay won over Tatiana Weston-Webb.

Harry and Jessie spoke about the great Twin Fin event that took place at J-Bay last year

and we also spoke about the WSL's move to the Facebook streaming of events. In doing so, Harry brought up Surf Splendor's recent interview with Dave Prodan

Congratulations to our various Fantasy Surfing winners, don't forget to set your teams for the J-Bay event in July.

MAIN FEATURE: Jessie on Breath Holding Techneques

Jessie took us through some thoughts and techniques on how to hold your breath for longer when caught by a wave. A lot of the material for this episode came from the lecture that Jessie gives each week at the resort.

She also mentioned the great course that the team did a few years ago with Kirk Krack, the CEO of Performance Freediving International.

Jessie mentioned this video of Mark Healey as a good example of someone controlling their breathing before a big hold down.


Whilst in Mexico, Tommy sat down with Pro Longboarder CJ Nelson

Surf Simply technical surf coaching resort, Guiones, Nosara, Costa Rica

Tommy mentioned that he'd been sitting on the point filming the surfers

You can check out the website for CJ's house, “Casa Trim”.


We spoke about the techniques that the team use to help their students catch unbroken waves.


Harry chose On and On Vol 4.

Jessie recommended reading Deep by James Nestor or, just for fun, checking out the Surf Simply team going through their breath hold training back in 2012.

Tommy liked this Brazilian Longboard edit; Sambarama -

And Teale has been enjoying this edit from Rob Machado

That's all for this episode folks, email us at