Surf Simply Podcast57 - Mick Fanning: The Best Of Us 

Recorded on Monday 9th April, 2018, with Harry Knight, Asher King, Derek Dietiker and Tommy Potterton


We started by catching everyone up with our team trip up to Northern Nicaragua

Asher ended up blowing his knee while out in the water, but also got a late invite to the compete in the Mexi Log Fest Longboard competition, so we're hoping he'll be back on form in time for his Round 1 heat.

Derek has taken up Body Surfing and we had a little discussion about techniques.


Several people emailed about the Fantasy Surfer clubs. You can find the men's group here, and the women's group here. The password for both groups is “surf”.

We also had an email from Jason Claremont recommending a “Dryrobe” as a product that has changed his life. Tommy mentioned 2 other options from Robie and Wavehunters, and Derek mentioned his friend Dallas Friday as also being an advocate.


Slater has pulled out for 1st half of tour, and Mick Fanning has retired.

The WSL Hawaii permit fiasco has resolved itself and there will be no Pipe Masters in 2018. There will however be a return to the Airshow format. For those who don't remember the Airshows, check out Matt Warshaw's entry on the EOS.

The WSL is selling tickets to the Founders Cup that is taking place at the Surf Ranch in May. You can find tickets on the WSL's website an Ru will be heading up there to check the whole show out.

Lastly George Downing has sadly passed away at the age of 87, you can read more about George on the EOS.


Tommy started by talking about Mick Fanning's las heat in the Final of the Rip Curl Pro at Bells Beach.

He also mentioned the heat from Pipeline in 2015.

and of course the shark “event” at J-Bay.

We spoke about in impact Mick has made to the professionalism of the sport and the changes in the attitudes that athletes now approach competition in.

Harry mentioned the ESPN Documentary series E:60 that featured Mick a few years ago.

and Tommy spoke about this cool animation that Red Bull made to celebrate Mick's retirement.


Asher led us through a round up of the first 2 contest of the 2018 season.

The last day of the Quiksilver Pro took place in big, chunky Kirra.

Going into Bells Beach, we saw some good waves at the Bells Bowl.

We spoke about Zeke Lau husselling John John Florence at the start of their heat.

We also spoke about some of the changes to the Tour for this year including the new points breakdown, new head judge and the loss of the non-elimination heats before the quarter finals.

Harry finished off by giving us a round up of the Fantasy Surfer results.


Harry spoke to us about some emails he received about the relationship between the Volume and Surface Area of a board when trying to catch a wave.

He mentioned previous pieces he did in Episode 50 and Episode 51, and then moved on to talking about the various problems with comparing the two effects.

You can read more about “Hull Speed” here, and you can read the 1964 paper by Daniel Savitsky here which talks about the physics of a planning hull.

Here is an example of a Lift to Drag Ratio graph plotted against the angle of attack of a foil.

Surf Simply technical surf coaching resort, Guiones, Nosara, Costa Rica


Asher started us off with Tanner Gudauskas' edit:

Derek recommended this Netflix stand up from Fred Armastons.

Tommy liked this clip, “I hate Politics, but I love rights” from Caio Teixeira.

Lastly Harry recommended this edit from Mason Ho & Tom Curren.

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