Surf Simply Podcast46 - Listener Questions 

Recorded on Tuesday May 23rd, 2017, with Harry Knight, Ru Hill, and Derek Dietiker


Ru and Harry started off talking about our team party that we had while the resort was closed.

So much fun getting everyone together at the weekend for a staff party.

— Ru (Surf Simply) (@SurfingSimply) May 11, 2017

We also spoke about our trip to Rancho Santana in Nicaragua.

Ru also spoke about filming Genevieve in the water before the show, which led us to talk about the different joys of coaching surfing for a living.


We started the news by talking about the abnormally high shark populations off the california coast at the moment. Harry spoke of San Clemente being cleared after 25 adult sharks were spotted by the beach.

Next up was UK surfer Matthew Bryce who was rescued off the coast of Scotland after spending 30 hours at sea.

We then moved on to talk about some wave pool news. N-Land in Texas has re-opened after being closed for repairs over the winter. We spoke about the various problems that different wave pools have suffered over the years and Wavegarden have released footage of their new “Cove” technology

The ISA World Games have been taking place in Biarritz, France, with the home nation putting in a very strong performance.

The waiting period is now open for the 2017 Cape Fear event in Australia.

Finally, Outerknown have stepped up to sponsor both the Men's and Women's WCT events in Fiji this year.


In the men's event, Adriano De Souza beat Ace Buchan in the final. Harry brought up Filipe Toledo's suspension after an altercation with the Judges, as well as Kelly Slater's no-show due to injury. That lead Ru to talk a little more about about lower back problems, and referenced Episode 18 where we spoke about lower back injuries in a bit more detail, and also this article on Science Based Medicine about lower back pain.

In the Women's Event, Tyler Wright beat Johanne Defay in the final to take the Gold Jersey alongside Steph Gilmore.


We started with Ru addressing Mark Summers' email about the correct position for your knees when surfing.

The guys then gave us some thoughts and tactics on Miles Tillinger's email about dealing with “Auto-Pilot” when surfing.

Lastly, Henry Laufenberg and Mark Silverman both got in touch with questions about the “Down Carve” or “Hack” turn. Ru mentions Episode 7 of John John's Twelve, as well as Conner Coffin in Highline.

Harry referenced this wave of Jordy Smith as a great example of how to surf out of one of these maneuvers.


Ru's first choice was Matt Meola's new edit:

He also loved Kelly Slater's “Continuance”, which unfortunately we can't embed here, but you can follow the link to view it on Vimeo

Derek was a real fan of this edit from Wavegarden

Harry liked this VR edit of Steph Gilmore and Dave Rastovich

He also recommended this interview with Kelly Slater from the Travelling Wellness Show. Ru mentioned the NECSS Skeptic conference in New York.

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