Surf Simply Podcast35, part 2 - Plenty More Fish In The Sea 

Recorded on Nov 2, 2016, with Harry Knight, Ru Hill, Asher King, and Derek Dietiker

Surf Simply technical surf coaching resort, Guiones, Nosara, Costa Rica

Cover photo by Professor Samuel Purkis of The Chagos Trust


Derek started us off by talking about surfing Typhoon Lagoon at Disney World in Florida.

Surf Simply technical surf coaching resort, Guiones, Nosara, Costa Rica

Asher continued his travels through Indonesia, staying with the team at the Deus The Temple of Enthusiasm in Bali. He took part in the Slidetober Fest surf contest, and hung out with the newest writer for the Surf Simply Magazine, Harrison Roach. Harrison has written a great interview with Mark Cunningham, as well as a recent piece about the Fish surfboard.

Ru spoke about his shiny new Bonzers that he got from Malcolm Campbell. Ru had 2 Egg models shaped for him and his Girlfriend, and Harry mentioned that Channel Islands Surfboards are teaming up with the Campbell Brothers to produce the Shelter Model.

Surf Simply technical surf coaching resort, Guiones, Nosara, Costa Rica

Asher also has a “new” board for this season. He brought back a Mark Richards Twin Fin that he's had sitting in Florida for the last few years. Harry and Asher both mentioned the “Retro” Steve Lis Fish as a comparison.

Surf Simply technical surf coaching resort, Guiones, Nosara, Costa Rica


In this second part of this bumper double episode we focused on the non-contest news from the last few months.

First up was the new “Surf Tax” that the Indonesian government brought in to raise money for the Mentawai Islands. Ru mentioned some data from including their “Curruption Perception Table” and the Control of Curruption score.

Ru mentioned that the N-Land Surf Park in Austin, Texas has finally opened.

Harry mentioned the Grind TV list of the Best 7 Podcasts that came out while we were off air. He recommended checking out Down the Line or Surf Splendor who duel broadcast a show, as well as Dave Prodan's Kill the Messenger podcast. If you'd like to hear our interview with Dave, check out Episode 27. Occy has also started the “Occ-Cast”, which you can also watch on You-Tube.

Ru recommended Ain't That Swell as being one of his favorite shows, and Harry finished off the list with Surf Mastery.

The last bit of news that we touched on was the release of the trailer for the Andy Irons Documentary, and the news that the team behind it all are looking to crowdfund the final production.


Our main feature this episode is Ru's breakdown of the recent announcement of the world's largest marine protection area in the Ross Sea near Antarctica.

He mentions this study by the WWF into the declines in worldwide populations. He also suggests checking out this episode of the Rationally Speaking Podcast on whether fish feel pain.

He brought up the WWF work in Mozambique as well as the work of the Chagos Trust in the Coral Triangle north of Australia. Asher also mentioned the hoax obituary for the Great Barrier Reef that circulated on social media recently. Ru finished with a quote from Lewis Pugh.


Our first email was from Raymond Morgan who asked us about the feasibility of computer modelling surfboards on waves. Ru and Harry pointed out the problem of the lack of empirical data with which to build the computer models.

The next email was from Nick Smith asking with reference to Episode 32 for our advice on how to get around confirmation bias when looking at surf conditions.


Harry started us off by recommending the Stab in the Dark project with Dane Reynolds. We can't post this year's video in the show notes, but you can watch it here. Below is last years video with Julian Wilson

Ru Recommend checking out some of the recent additions the the long running #TourNotes series that's now been taken over by the WSL

Harry got teased for his musical choices for having music by The Surfers, a band formed by Kelly Slater, Rob Machardo and Peter King, who now makes the Tour Notes videos.

Derek took up the suggestion from listener Becca Maglathlin, who suggested checking out the Movie “It Ain't Pretty” about the women who take on Ocean Beach in San Francisco.

Asher finished us off with talking about the recent series from Torren Martyn “Lost Track” as well as this edit from El Salvador.

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