Surf Simply Podcast30 - Bustin Down The Bangladeshi Door 

Recorded on Wednesday April 27th, 2016 with Harry Knight, Ru Hill and Asher King


The guys started by talking about Harry finally getting his powered paraglider off the ground last week.

Ru mentioned that he met David Murphy of The Imaginary Surf Company in the surf the other day, before the boys then got into a very geeky discussion about where in the Game of Thrones world would get the best surf.

Surf Simply technical surf coaching resort, Guiones, Nosara, Costa Rica


Ru was corrected on his description of the use of Phi from Episode 29, by Dr Bruno Fazenda, who is a Senior Lecturer in Audio Technology at Salford University in England.


First up in the news this week was Taj Burrow retiring from the WSL World Tour, and we're really excited to see where he goes from here, we ended up talking about video projects that we'd like to see Taj do in the future, and in the discussion, Harry brought up this edit from last year:

Asher also brought up this edit

Next up was the WSL Big Wave Awards. Shane Dorian won Ride of the Year for his huge barrel at Jaws, as well as the Performer of the Year Award.

Harry mentioned the Wipe-Outs

and Keala Kennelly won Biggest Barrel for this photo at Teahupoo

Surf Simply technical surf coaching resort, Guiones, Nosara, Costa Rica

Ru mentioned seeing that Architect Dan Snyder is putting a mote around Washington’s new football stadium to make a wave pool, and then spoke about this article from the LA Times about female surfers in Bangladesh. You can join the Crowdfunding project for these girls at Go Fund Me. He also brought up Cameron Brown of who is tryig to get more people to walk/ride/skate to work this week.

Harry then spoke about the class action lawsuit that is being brought against the surfers at Lanada Bay in Los Angeles, California. We spoke about this in a bit more in Episode ????, so we'll be following this case as it evolves.

Our last story this week is the announcement that the ISA Surf Games will be held in Costa Rica this year. You can find out more about the ISA here, or you can use Ru's search method! We then discussed the inclusion of Surfing as an Olympic sport in the 2020 games in Tokyo.

CONTEST ROUNDUP: Drug Aware Margaret River Pro

We spoke about the Mens and Womens contest at Margaret River in Western Australia.

Ru spoke about John John's late take-off in his first wave of his heat against Caio in Round 3.

We also spoke about Kelly Slater's crazy end section move…


We had an email from Stephen asking about our new Firewire Addvances that we've been using at the Surf Simply Resort over the last couple of months.


Lots of videos this episode. Harry started us off with Moonlight Alaia:

Harry also mentioned these 2 clips from Kai Lenny and Albee Layer, and if anyone can tell Ru what the music is in the Kai Lenny clip, he will love you forever.

Ru brought up this lovely clip of Kella Moniz

and this slightly odd edit from Reef:

Harry mentioned Reef's follow-up video of Mick Fanning in Australia:

Ru mentioned this great movie of Skeleton Bay in Namibia:

Our final video this episode is this edit from Deus

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