Surf Simply Podcast13 - The Science Of Practice 

Recorded on Thursday 14 May 2015


This week the team are on holiday in Nicaragua. Here they are getting their boards ready for a surf at Playa Colorado.

Many thanks to the guys at NSR for looking after us over the week. You can check out the house the team were renting here.

When the team were talking about their surfboards, Harry mentioned the Lost Puddle Jumper as an interesting board and then went on to talk about the “Stab in the Dark” movie which unfortunately we can't embed on this page. The final results of the project can be read here.

The guys then talked about the WSL contest taking place in Rio, and the very odd event guide that the WSL put out as well as the article about the pollution problems in the area. You can follow the rest of the contest here.


First item this episode is the sad news that Santa Cruz surfer Shawn “Barney” Barron died of a heart attack last week aged just 44. For those of you who don't know much about him, here is a great tribute video of his work.

Last week was the start of the waiting period for the Red Bull Cape Fear event. The waiting period will run through till August, so keep your eyes out for that one.

TheBig Wave World Tour contest at Punto De Lobos was won by defending world champ Makuakai Rothman but there was some controversy when the local live feed was shut down by the WSL. We also mentioned the new deals that the WSL has with Tag Heuer & Jeep.

Australian online surf retailerSurf Stitch have bought Stab Magazine and MagicSeaWeedfor $20m in cash and shares, and you can read about that dealhere.

Air New Zealand have released a pretty cool new flight safety video which you can see below, along with the epic Hobbit themed version they shot last year. Air New Zealand are also one of the only airlines to fly boards for free, so they get a full thumbs up from us.

We then mentioned the 2 QS 10,000 events that have taken place at Trestles in Californiaand Saquarema in Brazil, which were won by Filipe Tolido & Alex Ribeiro respectably. Jeremy Flores took the runner up place in both events and now leads the WQS series.

Ru brought up Keala Kennelly's law suit with the producers of the Bethany Hamilton movie “Soul Surfer” over allegations that she was dropped from the movie for being gay.

The final piece of news was UCSD‘s colaboration withArctic Foam to make a surfboard from foam created by distilling algae oils. The board was then glassed using Entropy Resin, which is designed to be more environmentally friendly than normal resins.


Our main feature this week was about the importance of practice in sports, and builing up an internal database of information to help you respond to situations. In this piece, Ru mentioned the the 80-millisecond rule, as well as theFlash Lag Effect. If you're interested in this topic, you might want to check out David Epstein’s book, “The Sports Gene”. There is also a really interesting interview with David Epstine on Episode 30 of the You are not so Smart Podcast, which is well worth a listen.

That's all for this episode, hope you've enjoyed the show, and remember you can always contact us at