Surf CoachingSurf Coaching 101: VAK 

-Words by Ru Hill

Numerous theories have been suggested by educational psychologists and there is general agreement that students learn better and more quickly if the teaching methods used match their preferred learning styles.

One of the most popular and widely accepted classification systems developed and used by many teachers is VAK. VAK stands Visual, Auditory or Kinesthetic. Students may prefer a visual (seeing), auditory (hearing) or kinaesthetic (moving) way of learning. At Innocent Surf School we consider VAK principles when considering how to present certain information to our surfing students. We think it’s an important aspect of teaching for all sports coaches to consider.

Which one, or combination are you?

Those who prefer a visual learning style…
…like looking at diagrams, wipe boards, displays, books etc.
…often recognize words by sight
…use lists and mind maps to organize their thoughts
…recall information by remembering how it was set out on a page

Those who prefer an auditory learning style…
…like to hear detailed verbal instructions
…like debates and discussions
…solve problems by talking about them
…use rhythm and sound as memory aids

Those who prefer a kinesthetic learning syle…
…learn best when they are touching, involved or active
…find it difficult to sit and listen
…use movement as a memory aid

POSTED BY: Sam Wakerley