PeopleHey, youre ok, youll be fine, just breathe. 

-Words by Ru Hill

The best thing about teaching surfing here in Nosara is the people who come to stay. Much as we obsess over surfing, we find ourselves in awe, on a weekly basis, of the things our guests have achieved out in the big wide world. The irony of simply being surf coaches yet being in the position to teach some of the smartest people around is not lost on us. We are looking forward immensely to the new friends, and the humbling stories, which 2011 will bring.

Surf Simply technical surf coaching resort, Guiones, Nosara, Costa Rica

For example when Ze Frank was surfing with us, he struck me as being infectiously interested in the world around him and particularly in the emergence of “web 2.0” (the nickname given to the internet now that the majority of the content is created by users). I remember him arguing passionately and convincingly (over a burger at Marlin Bill’s) how wonderful it is that the whole world is now creating things and sharing them. So we were stoked to see him pop up at the TED Conference recently talking about how he has used social media to create things that are inspiring, beautiful and could never have been done ten years ago.

Most of all we loved the simplicity of the words with which he finished his TED talk. Next time I’m surfing at the edge of my comfort zone or life just isn’t giving me a break, I’ll remember them… “Hey, you’re ok, you’ll be fine, just breathe.”