Surf PhotographyCosta Ricas Most Hard Working Surf Photographer? 

-Words by Ru Hill

Every week Surf Simply’s resident photog, Laura, spends hours down on the beach shooting video and stills of our guests. She then spends hours more locked away in front of the iMac lovingly molding it all together.

Laura during a rare moment in the water rather than photographing it.

Surf Simply technical surf coaching resort, Guiones, Nosara, Costa Rica

I’ve tried to instill in her the motto that I took away from a recent visit to Facebook’s head office “Done Is Better Than Perfect” they say, but Laura just won’t embrace that idea and each week she emerges from hours in the editing room, eyes red, pale and blinking in the sunlight. And the result? Each week watching the movie she’s made, it’s clear just how much love’s gone into it.

This week though she out did herself, as did our guests. So I hope you enjoy, what I think is the best week’s end video highlights we’ve ever had.