We are very excited to be running two more weeks of coaching at Chicama in Peru, the world’s longest left hander, in September 2017. Below you will find the details about the trip. Currently both weeks are full however if you would like to be put on the waiting list then please email Kerianne on info@surfsimply.com. The video clips and images are from our trip last year.



Surf Level Requirements

As with all of our satellite coaching projects, the course will be predominantly video coaching without in water assistance. So this trip is only open to Level 3 surfers who have stayed with us already. Specifically surfers must be competent and comfortable catching head high waves without assistance.


We will be running two weeks of coaching in 2017. The first will be Sep 13-20 and the second will be Sep 21-28.


The price is $3780 per person. As with stays in Nosara a 50% deposit is required to reserve your spot with the balance due 30 days before arrival.

Non surfing partners are also very welcome at the discounted price of $1420. It’s worth bearing in mind however that there is very little for non surfers to do at Chicama as the resort, and near by fishing village, are surrounded by the dessert and the ocean.


Flights & Travel Info

You will need to arrange your flight so that you arrive at Trujillo airport on the first day of the trip (Sep 13 or 21 respectively) and then depart on the final day (Sep 20 or 28).

Trujillo is a small airport about an hour’s drive from Chicama.

There are only two airlines that fly into Trujillo Latam and Avianca. Avianca is part of Star Alliance and LAN is part of One World so it’s possible to book flights with most major airlines using code share.

You will need to make a connection in Lima (Peru’s capital) before getting a connecting flight to Trujillo. Depending on the time of day, you may decide to fly into Lima the day before and spend the night there, in which case we recommend the Wyndham Hotel at Lima Airport. This option will allow you to arrive early on your arrival day and enjoy a warm up surf.



What’s Included & Not Included

As with your stay at Surf Simply in Nosara, we have tried to create an experience where you do not need to think about money once you land. So your package includes everything apart from:

  • – Your surfboard
  • – Your flights
  • – Your wetsuit
  • – Beer and wine are included but spirits and cocktails are not.
  • – Unlike Nosara, you will not need to pay for lunch and dinner on your “day off”



The Wave

Chicama is famously the longest left hand point break in the world. The top of the point all the way to the beach in front of the resort is 4km. It’s rare for someone to ride the entire length of the wave but even riding a quarter of it will still likely be the longest wave of your life.

There will be a speed boat that does laps of the line up and will pick you up at the bottom of the point and drop you at the top. It’s very cool.

The wave has fast sections where you need to take a high line and can practice both floaters and nose riding. The wave also has slower sections where you can practice cutbacks and roundhouse cutbacks.

The biggest take home from Chicama for most surfers however, is simply the amount of time you will spend on your feet riding down the line. For many surfers this causes a change in mental approach where they subsequently feel both less rushed and also less precious with their face-time, even later on when surfing in other parts of the world.

Swell Expectation

Chicama works on south swells meaning that the best time of year for surfing at Chicama is May through September. We expect waves in the waist high to slightly over head range based on historic swell models and our past experience of the wave.

Chicama rarely gets big and rarely goes flat. Just as in Nosara, on past trips to Chicama we have had a few small days, where everyone was on longboards, but we have not had any days where there were no waves to surf.




As with all our satellite projects (and unlike staying with us in Nosara) you will need to bring your own surfboard. We strongly recommend that you bring your biggest board.

Usually Chicama has off shore winds blowing all day. This is great for cleaning up the face of the wave, however strong off shore winds require a bigger board due to the wind lifting you up the face as you paddle.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that the extra weight of a wetsuit means you’ll need some extra volume.

All the Surf Simply coaches had their best sessions at Chicama in the past on high volume boards and longboards.


A long sleeved 3mm wetsuit should keep you a comfortable temperature when you are out surfing. This will not be provided by us. You will need to invest in your own suit before traveling. Most surf brands produce fairly similar wetsuits, including PatagoniaHurley , Xcel and Need Essentials to name a few.

Who Is Going From Surf Simply

The following members of the Surf Simply team will be joining you (left to right): Will (coach), Fran (stretch classes + resort rep), Asher (coach), Harrison (coach), Laura (photographer), Tommy (coach) and Jessie (head coach).



The Coaching Program

The coaching program will be almost identical to the coaching schedule in Nosara with the only difference being that we have the luxury of being able to surf later in the mornings as the off shore winds typically blow all day.

The Rooms & Resort

Solo travelers will have their own en suite room, as will couples. 10 of the rooms have ocean views so unfortunately we cannot guarantee an ocean view for everyone, however the resort’s communal areas (including the hot tub) command stunning views of the point break.



Photos & Video

Unlike Nosara there will not be a bespoke film made about your week at Chicama, however Laura will be photographing you both out on the waves and back at the resort and of course all those photos will be yours to keep, as will all the video footage shot by the coaches during your stay.

What To Pack

On the land, Chicama is not as hot as Nosara, although like Nosara sandals and shorts are what most people wear in the day. In the evenings long pants and a light sweater should be sufficient to keep you warm.

Day Off Activity

Just as with your stay in Nosara, after three days of coaching we give you a break. You will have the choice of either relaxing at the resort, going free surfing or joining the group for the day on a journey to see some of the culture and history of this northern part of Peru. Unlike staying with us in Nosara, lunch and dinner on your day off will be included.





The internet in this part of Peru is very slow. Email should get through ok, however streaming and video calling will likely not be possible. We strongly advise you to plan for a week without being connected if at all possible.

Insurance & Medical

As with staying with us in Nosara, you will need travel insurance with medi-vac cover, as the nearest hospital is over an hour away from Chicama.

We also suggest you check if the country you are traveling onto next after Peru, requires that you have a yellow fever vaccine. For example Costa Rica will not except anyone coming from Peru without the certificate to show they have had the vaccine.

Cancellation Policy

The cancellation policy is simply our standard policy, the same as staying with us in Nosara. Unlike in past years, you will receive this as a google form from Kerianne if/when you express an interest in paying the confirmation deposit. Kerianne will ask you to tick the agreement boxes in the form before sending any funds.