Surf Simply’s Indo Trip, May 2012

Words by Ru Hill

Since Nov 2011 we’ve averaged 29.7% returning guests each week, so we thought it would be cool to offer a bit of an adventure to people that had come to stay with us in Costa Rica several times. The Mentawais Islands in Indonesia have featured in pretty much every surf film made in the last two decades for good reason. Low pressure systems spin across the Southern Ocean between May and September, sending swell after swell up though the still equatic Indian Ocean, during which they organize themselves into nice clean lines, ready to break over the razor edged, coral reefs of Indonesia. While these waves can be dangerous for beginners, we felt that some of our veteran Surf Simply guests were ready for the challenge.

After a week with Surf Simply in Costa Rica, Shahan has a go at punching above his weight.

So last week Ru, Kerianne, Harry, Oli, Jessie and Graham (an old friend of Ru and Harry’s but a new edition to the Surf Simply coaching team) travelled to the exact opposite side of the planet from Nosara, to The Macaronis Resort, to meet Todd, Lei-Shin, Steve, Shahan, Bella, Scott, Ceca, Danielle, Pat, Mike Bower and Mike Desaloms (below).

Ru in the barrel at Macaronis.

Most of us had travelled for upwards for 40 hours by the time we arrived but it was worth it as we were greeted with perfect waves, crystal clear water and 360 degree sunsets. The Mentawais are so remote that you feel like you right on the edge of the world when you’re sitting out in the water. A huge thank you to everyone who came and made the difference between a good surf trip and a truly epic one.

(Above) Mike unwinding in between surfs, (below) dinner with the Surf Simply team at The Macaronis Resort.

We got heaps of video footage so look out for the movie of the trip on our FB page in the next few weeks. You can also see all the photos right now here too.

It wasn’t all death or glory. Maccas served up a lot of fun, perfect little waves too. (Above) Todd enjoys roling over the coral at sunset.

 Jessie duckdiving at Roxies, a right hander near Macaronis.

We’re now heading back to Costa Rica where the Surf Simply resort in Nosara will open up again for June, July and August. After that we’ll be running coaching courses in France in September and October (during the world title event) and there’s already talk of next year’s Indo trip. There has also been a few whisperings of something happening in South Africa next year…

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