A Right Puffin Frenzy

Words by Ru Hill

You may remember that last October we posted a blog, entitled Harry Squatter in The Photographer’s Zone. I thought it was a great pun but apparently I was alone. Pun quality aside, it was about how Harry, the head coach here at Surf Simply, had designed a short, flat, wide board for Black & White Surfboards. The board was called the Puffin.

Anyone who has joined in one of Harry’s board design classes will know that he is not only passionate about the subject but he also has a baffling depth of knowledge. So we were stoked but not very surprised when we heard from Black & White that the Puffin has been one of their top selling board and the orders were still coming in thick and fast.

Let’s hope we don’t lose Harry to the shaping room. I doubt we will as I don’t think we could drag him away from the beach. Here he is (below) laying down one of his signature power carves out the front of the Surf Simply resort from a fun session last Wednesday morning.

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