Guiones Goes Big

Words by Ru Hill

The biggest swell of the year so far came rolling into Nosara last week. Jeff (below), one of our guests, dropped into this bomb with his usual casual style on Thursday morning while most people were struggling just to get through the white water.

Another of our guests, Bill (above) is photographed here pausing for a moment to contemplate what the day might hold in store for him.

One of the reasons Guiones is such a great surfing classroom, is that even when it’s big on the outside, there are still some great little waves for the entry level surfers to get to grips with some of the more technical side of the sport or, as in this shot of Heather, just beam from ear to ear while cruising along in the warm water.

Despite all our best efforts to make the surf coaching, yoga, massage & meals here at the Surf Simply Resort second to none, somehow Sausage the dog always manages to upstage everything and steal the show.

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