a surfer riding a wave at backdoor, north shore of oahu, hawaii, photographed with a long exposure by dan bielich

Blurring The Lines: Dan Bielich Gallery

Words by Mat Arney & images by Dan Bielich

In the image-saturated world of surfing, it is exciting to come across photographs with a point of difference created by photographers who are seeking alternate ways to present waves and the way we ride them. Dan Bielich is one such photographer, and his extended exposure work illustrates perfectly the dynamic nature of breaking waves, creating images that are more akin to paintings than photographs.

“A single still photo shows you an instantaneous moment in time. But the ocean is a consistently dynamic world, constantly changing, simultaneously morphing, transferring energy so never is the movement exactly the same. The ocean, in reality, is a blend of instances of swelling and dissipating energy that elegantly seeps from one moment into the next, producing the motion we see as waves to ripples to streams.”

“Even when the sea seems still, it is silently chaotic. It only takes a moment for the ocean to transform from peace to chaos, or from violence to serenity. I have witnessed almost all of the ocean’s many moods, and found that the beauty of the beast lies in the blending action of motion.”

“By unifying moments of time in a single image you begin to truly understand the forces at play and recognise the elegance in its movements, whilst still feeling the power, strength and danger. You gain a respect for the magnificent motion in the madness; you start to sense its designed divinity and witness the wicked and wonderful warfare between water and light.”

See more of Dan’s photography on his website or instagram feed @db_sss_imaging




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