We Can’t Wait For The Rains

Words by Ru Hill

June 2012, the south Pacific lights up during June, July & August giving us overhead waves almost everyday.

As we approach the end of the dry season here in Nosara, everyone can’t wait for the rain to start. Although the surf has been all time, the jungle is dry and dusty and the wells are getting low. The Surf Simply Resort has back up water tanks for when the main water gets turned off but even so, we can’t wait to see the jungle spring back to life as the consistent annual south swells start to roll in over June, July and August.

June, 2012, Surf Simply Resort manager Daniela walks down for a surf through the thick green jungle as the Surf Simply guests and coaches unload their boards ready for the morning session.

Over the last 3 years June, July and August have actually been our busiest time of year. Some people are surprised that we are busier in the green season (May-Nov) than we are in the dry season (Dec-Apr) but actually it makes a lot of sense. Of course rain makes no difference once you’re out surfing because you’re wet anyway and during June, July and August overhead surf is the norm rather than an occasional treat (as you can see by looking at the historic surf data on Playa Guiones on MagicSeasweed). In fact Outside Magazine chose to come down here and do this story on us during August.

July 2012, stepping out from the thick jungle canopy onto the beach on a typical July morning in Nosara.

We typically have sunny mornings with glassy surf followed by just an hour or two of rain in the early afternoon. Actually the rain can have the effect of cooling the land as well, meaning that the midday winds often drop giving us glassy surf again in the afternoon. The term wet season is really just comparative because we have no rain at all from December until May.

Above, July 27th and below, July 13th the head high surf is also punctuated by smaller fun sized days for trying new turns or just messing around in.

Once or twice a year we have a week long low pressure system which covers the whole of Central America and it can rain everyday. As a rule however we have less rain at this time of year than most northern hemisphere countries do during their summer months. You might like to have a look back at our weekly photo albums on Facebook from any given week to give you an idea of what the surf is like.

August 14th 2012, a humpback whale breaches the surface during our morning coaching session.

We tend to get booked up several months in advance and at the moment we’re full until June 15th. We close on August 30th as we’re heading to France and then Dubai to run two surf coaching projects in the fall. We do still have spaces here at our resort in Costa Rica for most weeks between June 15th and August 30th.

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