Surf Movies, WomenThe 10 Best Womens Surf Videos 

-Words by Jessie Carnes, images by Marine Jaud

It’s hard to find a women’s surf video without being disinterested of a company trying to exploit women, or hearing a surfer girl chat about what surfing means to them. Here is a list of good surf videos without all the indecisive, exploitation of small bikinis and bad interviews.

The Tempest

This video not only won the 2016 surfer poll for best short video but it got the top of our list as well. Stephanie Gilmore simply surfs Indonesia with technique and grace, to alluring classical piano music.


This video is an “oldie but a goodie” If Frankie’s video doesn’t get you pumped to go surfing then I don’t know what else will. In 2014 this 16-year-old charges Teahupoo with Flume & Chet Faker’s “Drop The Game” soundtrack to go with it.

Ladies of the Sea – Tyler Wright

This is one of many short videos by Ladies of the Sea but Tyler Wright’s feature is incredible. No wonder why she is our 2016 world champ.


Single fins, Planes, and motorcycles are all covered by surfer Karina Patroni in the Caribbean where she now spends her time. Not only is her surfing inspiring but so is the life she lives with her husband.


Hurley surf club produces technical surf clips on how to perform difficult maneuvers using professional surfers as an example. Out of all the clips from Hurley I would say Carissa’s video is one of the best. If you can or cannot do a front side power carve like Carissa, it’s still an inspiring video to watch and learn from.

The Goddess of the Sea

Get ready for some close up, slow motion shots of Lola Mignot surfing. Need I say more?

Maya Gabeira Surfs Giant Waves at Teahupoo

We can’t forget about big wave surfing! Maya had a bad incident at Teahupoo in 2011, this short video shows her overcoming that experience and heading back to Fiji to change that. Big wave surfers are the bravest surfers’ male or female and always intense and exciting to watch.


Malia Manuel, Coco Ho, Sage Erikson and Lakey Peterson show gratitude at Kelly slater’s new wave pool.

Louie’s Left

Now don’t be mad that there are boy’s in this Rip curl’s web series, but yet we should be stoked to see girls charging hard with the boys. Louie’s left covers Wright siblings sharing waves at Teahupoo.

Leave a Message

This video is an unexplained insight to how innovative women’s surfing has become over the last 10 years. If you can get past the fast surfing clips and loud music, then you might you might understand how good the surfing in Leave a Message is.