UncategorizedLove the Layover 

-Words by Will Forster

In September alone, I spent a total of 26 hours in airport lounges, food halls and on cold tile floors. Layovers are the worst. Even more so when they are that awkward 5 to 10 hour gap between flights when a hotel room can’t be justified.

My advice on it? Leave the airport vending machines behind, and take a tuk-tuk wherever you can.

On an over nighter at KUL 2, Surf Simply coach Asher and I took the fast train into Kuala Lumpur central station and wandered almost lost between the towering glass

Always ask for directions.
Always ask for directions.

On the tail end of the Surf Simply Indonesia trip, I had layovers in Padang, Kuala Lumpur and Tokyo. Through heavy eyes and the coffee shakes, I took the initiative to store my bags and head out with a camera in each of these cities, hoping to look past the McDonald chains and smoking lounges of international travel, and add value to an otherwise valueless part of flying.