Surf Simply France 2013

Words by Ru Hill

Surf Simply France: The Beach

Its official folks we can announce that Surf Simply will be running a week long surf coaching course in Hossegor, France again this year along side the world title race contest. To book email Ollie on

Above: Highlights from the 2011 world title race event. The world’s best surfers talk about the event, the waves and the town of Hossegor.

As in previous years, the week long all inclusive package, set in beautiful south west France, is open to former Surf Simply guests whose surfing has reached level 3 or above. It’s gonna be a week of video coaching (rather than in water coaching) hence the minimum surf level requirement. What level surfer am I?

Above: Harry, Kerianne and last year’s guests with post surf smiles as their wetsuits dry off in the warm French sunshine.

Ollie, our head coach here in Costa Rica, will be leading the week alongside Graham and Sarah will be doing all the cooking …yum! The rest of the Surf Simply team will be in Hossegor too though for the event and the food as well as the waves of course. So expect to see all the familiar faces.


Above: Jessie and Dani pleased as punch to be hanging out with world champ Parko and legend Taj last year in Hossegor. Below: The Surf Simply team and guests at one of many awesome little restaurants that the town has to offer.


We’ve got a beautiful house this year too which is perfectly placed, being equidistant between all our favorite surf spots. We have 3 double rooms with ensuites and two twin rooms which share one large bathroom. The house is set back in the woods too, away from the hubbub of the contest.

Surf SImply House France 2013 kelly-slater-surf-simply-france

It’s amazing being able to stand on the beach, only a few meters from Kelly Slater as he tears apart a wave. It makes you realize how much more room and time there is on the wave face than you thought. Being able to then sneak off up the beach to a nice little sand bank to practice on, followed by some video feedback, is the perfect recipe. This was Lei-Shin, just up the beach from the contest site last year.


Shared rooms will be $2570 per person. Private room will be $3300 for a solo travelers and $5140 for a couples. Guests will need to land at Bordeaux airport on September 28th and the week will run through to October 5th. Places as pretty limited this year as we will only have time to run one week of coaching in France before heading out to Dubai to run a week of coaching at the wave pool out there. Stand by for more info on that in early June after Ru gets back from checking the facility out in May.

For more info about staying with us in France or to reserve your spot, email Ollie on

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