Surf Simply Coaching in Indonesia, May 2012

Words by Ru Hill

Occupy Indo! Everyone seems to be occupying places these days to champion their cause. Our cause is the enthusiastic surfing of perfectly peeling waves in warm, crystal clear water and so as part of the new Surf Simply World Wide project, we’re inviting you to join us occupying a luxury resort in The Mentawai Islands, Indonesia in May 2012.

The most fun wave in the world? Macaronis.

As we now have so many guests returning to stay with us in Nosara on a regular basis, we decided it would be fun to offer trips to some of the world’s other great surf destinations. Hence the birth of the Surf Simply World Wide project. We started with France in October 2011, which was such a success that we’re already booked up for France 2012. We had so much fun that we thought a bonus trip was in order and so Surf Simply have booked out the whole of the world famous resort at Macaronis from May 8th until May 17th …for you. The value of this trip is priceless, although if you had to put a number on it, it would be $3973.

Macaronis by air (left) and the resort’s rooms (right).

We’ll rendez-vouz in Padang, Indonesia, on the Island of Samatra (most flights from the States go to Singapore or Kuala Lumpar and then you can get a connection to Padang). We’ll stay the first night at the 4 Star Mercure Hotel in Padang. The next morning we’ll take a sea plane to North Pagai Island to stay at the newly remodeled Macaroni’s Resort, where we’ll be using the resort’s 6 (yes 6!) private boats to take us to any surf break we like, whenever we like. Harry, Kerianne and Ru will be video coaching throughout the week and surfing along side you too.

Ru enjoying some downtime in Indo last year

For your sore muscles, there’ll be massages for all at the resorts new spa and Kerianne will be teaching daily yoga classes for any takers too. Of course in between surfing perfect waves, you can lounge in the lagoon style swimming pool, go snorkeling, fishing, kayaking or stand up paddle boarding, as we have exclusive access to all equipment and resort facilities.

You know you want to…

At the end of the 7 nights, the sea plane will fly us back to Padang where we’ll stay one more night at the Mercure, before heading our separate ways knowing that by occupying Indonesia, we made the world a better place.

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