These Are The Good Old Days

Words by Ru Hill

The early morning surf is one of life’s most pleasing dichotomies. The wondering whether it’s all worth it when your alarm buzzes in the darkness seems ridiculous an hour later as you pull into a warm pacific barrel, with just you and your friends.

This morning I met the other Surf Simply coaches, Harry, Kerianne, Jessie and Oli, just after 5am and when we got to the beach there were turtles hatching just as the sun popped it’s head over the horizon.

Luckily Laura, Surf Simply’s tirelessly accommodating photographer, had agreed to being dragged from the comfort of her bed to capture the goings on as we live through the start of yet another of the good old days.

The Surf Simply coaches focusing on work related research from the moment they wake up: (top to bottom) Jessie, Oli, Ru Harry & Kerianne.

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