Sunsets, Beach Fires & Bucket Fulls Of Spray

Words by Ru Hill

The sunsets here in Nosara can be stunning. Usually Laura (the Surf Simply photog) takes pictures in the morning as the sun rises over the jungle, lighting up the waves from the front. She mixed it up a bit last week and came down for a sunset shoot and we thought the images she got were beautiful. Kerianne got a fire going on the beach and brought down some ice cold PSBs (Post Surf Beers) which proved very popular among our exhausted guests as they watched the sun sink away on their last night in Nosara.

It had been an awesome session, an awesome week actually but our favorite moment of the evening was watching Veronika (above) paddle into the solid set wave. She’d had more than her fair share of wipe outs during the week and she had certainly earned this one.

Once again a big ‘thank you’ is owed to Laura who spent hours cutting together all the video coaching footage from the week into a stoke filled bricolage for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy…

The Surf Simply guests last week were a fascinating bunch from all over the place: England, Sweden, Spain, Canada and Portugal. We had social media gurus from Silicon Valley and an Oscar winning film maker from L.A. Those who we could extract from the surf for a team photo were (lefty to right) Cherry, Jordanna, Isaac, Tori, Alex, Ana, Veronika, Jamie, James and Mike. Not forgetting of course the Surf Simply coaches: Ru, Harry, Sam, Martin, Alex and Kerrianne.

Ru (below, middle) has been so stoked to be back coaching on the beach again this year (he spent a fair chuck of last season in front of computer building our groovy little website). Last week he was working with Kerianne, bringing the talented young surf coach up to scratch. He also got to teach his good friend and cousin Jamie (below, left). Jamie is a few years older than Ru and remembers Ru as a snotty faced toddler who was terrified of the sea!

Javier (below) and Kai took a brief break from changing the way the world works at Facebook, to come surfing in Costa Rica. Both guys are talented watermen working on increasing their speed, power and flow on the wave face. We love this shot of Javier throwing bucket fulls of spray from his cutback (we just feel sorry for the wave).

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