COVID-19 Update: All Surf Simply guests will need to be fully vaccinated.

We don’t like hidden costs and so we want you to know that the only extra expense you will have during your trip is your food on the Wednesday afternoon when you will have some free time to explore the town of Playa Guiones if you like, also, you will need to buy a pair of boardshorts or a swimsuit appropriate for surfing in, before you leave, if you don’t already have one.

That’s it. Nothing else. You will not need to open your wallet from the moment your plane lands in Costa Rica. All those extras that add up, like taxes, drinks, transfers, surf photos, and massages are all already included. You do not even need to add on a gratuity at the end of your stay. The Surf Simply team are all happy and well paid and do not accept tips.

There are more details about everything that makes up the Surf Simply package on our what’s included page.

We typically fill up 12-18 months in advance, throughout the year. You can check our availability here and then contact us to make a booking.

Note about price increases: Our prices increase annually on January 1st. (If your trip was canceled in 2020 due to covid, you will still be able to use your voucher to book a new trip at the pre covid price from Oct 2019.)

Solo Surfer

  • $7218 for one week. This is all-inclusive so your only other cost will be your airline ticket and your lunch and dinner on the Wednesday (which is your mid-week break from coaching and your chance to explore the town). For more details about everything that makes up the Surf Simply package, you can go to our what’s included page.


Surfer with a Non-Surfing Partner

  • $9710 for one week. As a solo surfer guest, you can bring your non-surfing partner with you for an additional $2492, so that’s $9710 in total for both of you. You can see exactly what’s included as a non-surfer here. Non-surfing spaces are limited to 4 guests per week.


Surfing Couple

  • $12,962 for one week for a couple, so that’s $6481 per person. This is where both people are surfing with us. More about what’s included here. (Please be aware that it is not possible to book a couple’s package then cancel one spot and come as a solo traveler. The reservation must either be paid in full or canceled entirely.)


Private Groups

  • $84,770 for one week. This allows you to have the entire 10 bedroom Surf Simply resort and team all to yourself for the week. We can accommodate up to 16 guests, 12 surfers, and 4 non-surfers.