70 – Martin Dunn, The Godfather Of Surf Coaching

Recorded on Monday 10th February 2020, with Harry Knight, and, Ru Hill.

INTERVIEW: Martin Dunn – The Godfather of Surf Coaching

Harry and Ru got to sit down and chat with Australian surf coach, Martin Dunn.

You can check out more of Martin’s coaching on his website and also by watching the fantastic videos he has on his YouTube Channel

Martin started coaching surfing in the 1980s after attending a Sports Science degree at university. His final thesis was a breakdown of Thornton Fallander’s cutback at Nias from the 1982 surf movie “Storm Riders” by Jack McCoy.

Martin mentioned the video series “Progressive Surfing Techniques” by Ian Cairns & Tom Curren, as well as the book “Competitive Surfing, A Dedicated Approach” by Brian Lowdon, which we have a copy of in our Surf Libary at the Surf Simply resort.

We also spoke about the High-Performance Center that Surfing Austalia built out in Australia.

We spoke about how some students are particularly good at picking up new information, and Martin spoke about how Sally Fitzgibbons is particularly good a learning new skills.

We spoke about dry land simulation training, and Martin spoke about how he likes to use skateboards for some of this.


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