Over the last 10 years, the coaches at Surf Simply have changed the way surfing is taught. We’ve identified the many specific skills behind the sport, broken down the mechanisms, and replaced ambiguous surf lingo with clear, concise, systemized coaching.

Now we’re making this coaching program accessible to everyone by offering online video feedback sessions with our coaching team. These feedback sessions allow you to submit video footage of yourself surfing so that one of our expert coaches can look over your footage and then have a 1:1 video call with you to discuss what you could improve, and suggest drills to help you get there.

The benefits of video feedback sessions with an experienced coach are well understood throughout the sporting world, and feedback sessions form the backbone of our coaching at the Surf Simply Resort in Costa Rica. Video enables us to talk about exactly what you’re doing and what you need to do differently. It brings in line what you think you are doing, with what you are actually doing.


If you’ve visited us before, these online sessions will perfectly complement your stay at the Coaching Resort, and will help you to stay on track with your developing skills until you can join us in person again.

If this is your first experience of our coaching, we’re confident we can help you to take your surfing to new and exciting places, whatever level of surfer you are. Whether you are stuck trying to complete a specific maneuver, or you’re just not sure what you should be working on next, we are here for you.