Booking Flights:

If you haven’t already got your flights then when you’re thinking about booking them, you’ll want to bear in mind that our packages run from Saturday to Saturday. So the first surf coaching session will begin on Sunday, in the morning. Most people arrive at the Surf Simply resort on Saturday afternoon and then we all have dinner together on Saturday evening at about 6:30 pm. If you arrive late on Saturday night, that’s fine with us but I think it is nicer for you to arrive earlier and get to check the place out in the light, wander down to the beach for sunset and meet everyone else at dinner. The last coaching session is on Friday night. We try to finish the week off with a sunset session if conditions are optimal. We then have a few drinks together on Friday night at the resort while we look through all the surf photos from the week, up on the big TV by the pool. Most people then leave the resort early Saturday morning in order to catch a flight out of Costa Rica later that day.

Your Transfers To/From Nosara:

Your transfers to and from the airport are included (Liberia is 2.5 hours away and San Jose is about 6 hours away) however if you wish to come to Nosara on an earlier or later date then we are still happy to arrange your transport for you on whatever day you like. Also, we are happy to collect you from any hotel in Costa Rica instead of the airport if you prefer.

Some people prefer to fly into San Jose or Liberia on Friday night and then stay there that night, before traveling to Nosara the next day. If you would like to do this and you are flying into Liberia then we would suggest staying at The Hilton Garden Inn to simply rest for the night. If you have additional time to enjoy yourself, we suggest staying at El Mangroove which is about 20 minutes from the Liberia Airport. If you are flying into San Jose The Hampton Inn or the Holiday Inn are both very convenient as they are right by San Jose airport for late arriving flights. The Sheraton, AC Marriott and the Intercontinental are all about 20 minutes from San Jose airport and located in central San Jose while being on the road to Nosara. Where ever you choose to stay we would then pick you up from there on the Saturday morning, instead of meeting you at the airport.

Extending Your Stay in Nosara: 

Some people like to give themselves a bit more time in Nosara, either before or after their stay at Surf Simply. Here are our recommendations for local accommodations:

The Harmony Hotel

The Bodhi Tree

The Gilded Iguana

Olas Verdes Hotel

Ride On Beach House

Moana Surf Resort

The Nomadic Hotel

La Negra


 Living Hotel

Airstream by the Sea

The Sunset Shack

The Nosara Beach Hostel

4You Hostel


Another great option would be renting a house or casita. Below is a list of property managers that we recommend. Between them, they manage most of the properties near Playa Guiones.

     Fran at Alba Properties

 Mariju at Surfing Nosara

     Jodie at Nosara Verde

Virginie at Mango Property Management

Adrianna at  Villa Tortuga

Preparing For A Surf Trip: 

There are also a few things which you can do that will really help you make the most out of your trip from a surfing point of view. You don’t need to do them by any means, but I like to send this advice through to everyone who is coming to stay so that you can get really into it if you want.

Front crawl. Just bang out those lengths at your local pool until you can do it without thinking. (Don’t waste time with breaststroke). If you can spend sometime longboarding (on a skateboard), like this. It’s unbelievably helpful for your surfing but you must make sure that you are standing with your back knee dropped in towards your front knee (like you see them exaggerating 29 seconds in on that film). The back knee thing is REALLY IMPORTANT (and this is coming from someone who hates it when people use capitalization for emphasis in writing).

Stretching. You’re going to need as much stretch as possible in two places:

1) The backs of your legs, i.e. hamstrings and Achilles tendons

2) rotation around your core (i.e. putting your shoulders at 90 degrees to your hips) but remember that with any rotational stretches, you must always do equal an opposite stretches, so that you don’t tweak your back.

What To Pack:

What you’d like to surf in. *We strongly recommend that women bring surf shorts or leggings. Most female surfers prefer to wear shorts or leggings for the sake of modesty during particular maneuvers. 

Clothes (free laundry service on site Tues + Thur) *We recommend bringing closed-toe shoes, a pair of long pants and a top that you wouldn’t mind getting a bit muddy for your day off activity (e.g. mountain biking, zip-lining, horseback riding, etc). If you’re joining us from May- Nov, you might want to pack a lightweight waterproof jacket.

Flip flops (you’ll only need closed toed shoes if you’re signed up for activities, e.g. zip lining)

Sun protection (e.g. hat, sunglasses)

Cash for your day off lunch + dinner (USD is accepted everywhere- debit/credit cards are accepted most places)

Personal entertainment for downtime (e.g. books, music, magazines, etc)

Any necessary medication (e.g. epi-pen)

             USB drive with 60gb (or more) to bring your raw coaching clips home

What’s Provided:

Surf Simply rashguard


Bug spray




Rubbing alcohol + cotton balls

Hair dryer



Looking After Your Body:

You will find that you when you’re surfing, the skin on your knees will get pretty sore from constantly rubbing against the wax while you’re paddling. Guys often get it too on their ribs and girls often on their hips. It can be really uncomfortable and the best way to avoid it is to begin a regime of rubbing a little rubbing alcohol (which you can buy from any drug store) with cotton wool on your knees, hips and ribs, twice a day, for a week before you come to Costa Rica. (FYI: It also works if you’re going on a long walk or are getting blisters from new shoes).


You won’t need to bring much cash with you for your week at Surf Simply. You will need some money for lunch and dinner on the Wednesday, which is your mid week ‘day off’ from surfing. If you do decide to bring some cash with you, then American dollars are accepted everywhere in Costa Rica (although often not $100 bills). If you don’t bring any, that’s fine. There is an ATM at the airport as well as here in Nosara where you can get Colones, the local currency if you need it.


Many of our guests ask about leaving a tip for their coach at the end of their stay. So just to preempt that question: like a growing number of businesses, we do not accept tips at Surf Simply due to the inherent pressures and unfairnesses of the tipping system, on both employees and customers. If you feel, as we hope you will, that we have gone above and beyond, and would like to show your gratitude to us at the end of your stay then, rather than tipping, we would really appreciate it if you left us a review online (TripAdvisor, Facebook, Google+ for example). We are reliant on these reviews to grow our business, which in turn, benefits the entire team in a more long-lasting way. This may seem unusual but I hope it makes sense. Please rest assured that the Surf Simply team are all very well paid professionals and are not reliant on, or expecting to be, tipped. If you still feel that you would like to leave a monetary gratuity at the end of your stay, then we will gladly accept donations to the Surf Simply Kid’s Club which gives free surf lessons to local, Costa Rican kids.