Surf Simply’s beautiful new surf coaching resort in Nosara, Costa Rica, is just 500 feet walk through the nature reserve from the surf at Playa Guiones. The resort has 10 bedrooms, each with a king-sized bed.


Looking After The Environment

The building was designed by Gensler to be the world’s first purpose-built, luxury surf coaching facility. We worked alongside Gensler with Sphera Sustainability to create a building that is not only elegantly understated but also is Platinum L.E.E.D Certified. That’s the highest award a building can receive for minimizing environmental impact both during construction and also everyday operation. The building incorporated technologies such as rainwater harvesting, Bionest water treatment, high-efficiency faucets and photovoltaic panels to minimize energy and water use. During construction, 11 trees over 30cm, unfortunately, had to be removed, however, 70 new trees have been planted around the building with special care given to maintain the existing howler monkey trails. As part of Surf Simply’s commitment to the community, we also invested heavily in the water infrastructure for the entirety of Playa Guiones which allowed the local water board to eliminate the previously frequent water outages which had plagued local residents.

Looking After You

Rather than building a hotel, Surf Simply is more like a big home for you and your fellow guests. Each room has 50mbps Wifi, AC, a desk, and a king bed overlooking the nature reserve, however, the shared living and dining area is what makes this place unique. The pool, hot tub, two large sofas, and fire pit create an area where conversation can organically spring up between guests or, just as easily, you can find your own space. Unlike a hotel, you can help yourself to drinks or homemade snacks and fruit anytime. There is no bar tab to think about. Three delicious meals we eat together each day are prepared by our chef’s Denis, Yayo, and Luis based on your dietary requirement and are served around our single, large round dining table. To the side of this living space is the stretch room with the now iconic Surf Simply Tree Of knowledge displayed in relief along the wall. This room is used for working on your mobility as well as lectures on wave forecasting and board design among other things. Three glass-walled video coaching rooms allow you to review your morning surf in comfort with your coach. As you walk down through the garden you’ll find the board rancho filled with over a hundred new Torq and Firewire surfboards for you to use during your sessions. Past the rancho, our garden gate opens on to a footpath which takes you 500 feet through the nature reserve finishing on the sand at the optimum part of the beach for surfing.