Harry Squatter in the Photographer’s Zone

Words by Ru Hill

Surf Simply coach Harry Knight’s trademark stance has been popping up all over the web recently as Black & White Surfboards have just released two of his board designs as a signature model surfboard. Anyone who’s stayed with us will know that Harry’s obession with board design is infectious. So if you’ve caught the bug, here’s a bit more about the boards Harry and Black & White have come up with together…

harrys signature pro model surfboard the quadsterHere’s how Black & White describe the first board, the ‘Pro Quadster’ – The Pro Quadster (above) is a totally new design incorporating the very latest fin placement ideas. Unlike the Quad fish where the fins are clustered on the rails and work together to create drive, the Quadster’s fins are more widely spread. This placement is closer to a thruster set up in how it works, but with the back fin working more efficiently due to its slight toe-in and angled setting. This board is designed to be a good summer board for experienced surfers slightly flatter in the rocker and a fraction wider in the tail. Its proved to be fast, loose and launchable!

harry surfing at Playa Guiones

(Above & below: Harry test piloting the ‘Pro Quadster’ in between coaching session here in Nosara.)

surf simply coach harry surfing at playa guiones

…and here’s what the have to say about the other model, the ‘Puffin’ – The Puffin (below) is a new design for 2010 developed from a commissioned custom order it has similar qualities to the highly popular Quad Fish but its rounded tail and Five fin set-up make for a whole new feel. Great summer board and mush buster, but still able to handle most average UK waves. Like the Puffin bird this board looks short and fat on land but is fast and agile in the water! The Puffin has the nose and middle rocker line and rails of the Keel fin fish so catches waves and paddles like a dream, then I’ve added a modern tail lift, concaves and foiled tail to give maximum drive and grip from the wide tail.

harrys signature pro model surfboard the puffin

To see the other boards in the Black & White range check out their website www.blackandwhitesurfcoltd.co.uk or drop them a line on info@blackandwhitesurfcoltd.co.uk.

(Was this the best blog title we will ever come up with or what!)

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