Magical Moments & Some Surf Simply Wallpapers

Words by Ru Hill

At Surf Simply we focus on the technical aspects of surf coaching and we try not to bang on about the subjective side of the experience too much. Surfing does tend to cause overwhelming feelings of achievement, frustration, pride, fear or just a sense of gob smacking wonder at the beauty of the ocean but it always seems to cheapen those emotional moments when they are turned into a tag line for a website. It’s the same way that humor leaks away from a joke when it is explained. Like a joke, either it hit you or it didn’t. It’s no substitute having someone dissect it for you afterwards. So we focus on teaching the tangible skills that make the sport more fun and let the ocean take care of the magic.

Now that I’ve said that, I’ll have to contradict myself in order to share with you a comment I heard a Canadian surfer casually drop into conversation a few years ago. He said “I don’t surf to escape life. I surf to stop life escaping me.” It has stayed with me ever since. It’s kind of pithy I know but as I was looking back through the Surf Simply photos, putting together an album of comical wipeouts for our Facebook page, I was struck by some of the magical moments that Laura and Oriana (the Surf Simply photogs) had captured on camera.

These captured frozen moments bring back to me some of the feelings that make me love surfing in Nosara and I hope they do the same for you. I uploaded some hi-res versions of each image in case you fancy having them a desktop wallpaper, just click on each image and it will take you to the 2560X1600 version. Enjoy…

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