Vacation Island

Words by Morgan Maassen, images by Morgan Maassen & film by Morgan Maassen

Stephanie and I were both planning on going to Hawaii for several small commitments, so we decided to spend all our free time just surfing, filming, and relaxing after a long year. Normally when filming, i have high expectations for weather, surf conditions, and content creation… but this was the exact opposite. I think I surfed more than i filmed, and while the conditions were not great, it was probably the funnest 2 weeks of my life.

We rode so many weird boards and just spent as much time as possible surfing whatever wave looked most fun, or just sitting around and playing music. It was also a really fresh approach to visiting the North Shore of Oahu during those super chaotic weeks of the Pipe Masters.
This clip is a bit different in the sense that it steers away from the progressive surfing the North Shore really inspires, and leans more into the simple beauty and scenery of Hawaii.
I like to capture my curiosities, things that amuse me or just captivate me… so that usually boils down to Stephanie‘s surfing, the ocean, and the way light interacts with them and the environment at hand. I get pretty bored filming on the beach, so i’m usually swimming around with my waterhousing just observing or interjecting into the sessions.
I just think my films are refined postcards of my take-aways from these adventures, and i think this film is truer to that than most others I’ve made.

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