The World’s Best Classroom?

Words by Ru Hill

Some things are a lot easier to explain with a white board and a TV, rather than when you’re down on the beach. So when we try to get across a foundational knowlegde etiqutte, meteorology, wave selection and contest judging among other things, we use our little jungle class room by the pool.

(Above & below) Harry, who has taken over the role of head coach at Surf Simply this season, playfully meanders around the subject of board design.

The idea of course is that all this carefully constructed chit chat leads to waves like the ones we saw ridden last week. We have to admit that Playa Guiones, here in Nosara, probably beats our rancho as the world’s best classroom.

(Above) Christie Mommsen returned this week. After staying with us a few weeks ago, Christie wrote a series of articulate blog posts about the ups and downs of her introduction to surfing. She returned and not only conquered some of her fears but managed to take off on the biggest wave of the week. Hat’s off to you Christie.

The trade winds really started to blow this week too. It made the waves beautiful and powerful (for their size). Level 3 surfers like Sean (above) worked on their carving turns out the back while the level 1 surfers had the friendly white water in which to perfect their functional stance (below).

All the while Laura (our resident photographer) worked away quietly in the background and took some beautiful shots. She also cut together the footage which the coaches had got during the week’s video analysis sessions into another epic little movie (after all who doesn’t love a good ol’ montage). Enjoy…

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