I’m Dreaming Of A Pumping Christmas

Words by Ru Hill

We didn’t know it was one of the all time great Surf Simply sessions when we paddled out on the morning of Friday, December 23rd. It was the last day for all our guests, many of whom had been complete beginners only 7 days earlier.

Returning guest, Liz didn’t let a little thing like being pregnant stop her from charging into this bomb

All the coaches were in good spirits having already had a sunrise birthday surf with me. As the years tick by I am inspired by two people: Kelly Slater who has shown us that you can peak in your forties; and Lulu, our resident muffin maker, who has one upped him by peaking in her sixties.

Returning guest Keith had spent a few months stretching and swim training since his last visit and it certainly paid off.

The swell was peaking just as we all paddled out and the nice long lulls meant that everybody was out the back pretty quickly watching the sets roll by with excitement and a touch of trepidation…

7 days previously Curry, a softly spoken doctor, had arrived at Surf Simply and said “I have zero surf experience but committed to learn and enjoy.”

14 year old Emma, another complete beginner a week earlier, was a bit too surprised to remember to stand up on her first wave.

Laura is cutting together all the footage so keep an eye on Facebook for video from the session and the post maelstrom interviews.

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