The End of an Era

Words by Ru Hill

We’ve come to the end of our first full season at the Surf Simply resort.For the next two months, as the rains fall hard in Nosara, the Surf Simply team have spread far and wide. We’ll all be back here in November though, ready for the sunshine and perfectly groomed off-shore waves which Playa Guiones produced so mechanically from mid-November onwards.

We’re sad to say goodbye to Alex, who is heading back to the UK to pursue a career in oceanography and marine biology. Al has been a cornerstone of Surf Simply for the last few years and we’re really sad to see him go (we luv ya Al).

Al put in hours of extra time video coaching young competitors from all over the States. Here, Becky and Al are with super groms Zale & Luca.

Al was also always a favorite among Surf Simply guests for his passionate approach to surf coaching (and his wild-man hair cut).

Al tucking into the shade at Playa Guiones, giving him a whole new perspective on oceanography.

We’re so stoked with how our first season has gone, and all our guests seem to have a had a good time too if their TripAdvisor reviews are anything to go by. The bookings are coming in fast and furious for next year with almost a third of the places available for the entire year already gone!

Here, cut together for your view pleasure by Sam, are some of our favorite moments from our last week at Surf Simply…

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