65 – Wide Points And Bottle Necks

Recorded on, Monday 17th December with Harry Knight, Asher King, Will Forster, & Ru Hill


We recorded this show during the final heat of the WSL Pipe Masters, but we opened the show by talking about Asher leaving the team to go and work with Birdwell Beach Britches. We spoke about Asher’s terrible attempt to interview Kelly Slater a few years ago.

Harry mentioned this beautiful board that Otter Surfboards have lent us…

Ru spoke about the building of the new resort here in Nosara. He mentioned our Project Managers, SPHERA, our Contractor, Rodrigo Altmann, and our Architects, Gensler.

He also mentioned that we shipped him off to Barbados for a few days to unwind. He mentioned 2 places he’d found to stay, The Atlantis Hotel, above Soup Bowls, and Little Good Harbour on the Caribbean coast.

We also spoke about Ru’s preparations for Asher’s leaving party which somehow managed to involve a smoke machine.


We spoke about the recent Increase in violent crime on the north shore. In talking about this Harry mentioned the recent episode of Adam Ruins Everything

We also spoke about the fact that Surfrider are planning to Sue Trump administration, as well as the recent results in the Surfer Poll Awards.



Harry gave us a roundup of the 4 events that took place simultaneously in November.

The World Cup of Surfing at Sunset, the WCT event at Honolua Bay, the Big Wave World Tour event at Jaws and the Longboard World Title event in Taiwan.

Ru brought up the amazing freesurfing that Kai Lenny was doing after the event was put on hold.

Asher then also brought up Kelly Slater’s wave at Pipeline

I couldn’t find the video of Toledo that we spoke about at length.

We spoke about the amazing surfing that took place at the Women’s event at Honolua Bay.


MAIN FEATURE: Ru’s take on Equality

Ru wanted to follow up on some of the criticisms of equal pay that we touched on in the last episode.


Will gave Asher a Superhero of Surf send off from the podcast.

Here is Asher’s first ever surf photo.

Here is the one of Asher looking studious…

Here is the photo of the board that he won in a raffle

Here is little Asher winning his first contest.

Here is Asher’s first team photo from Surf Simply, back in 2014.


Asher spoke at length about different longboard designs.



Harry Suggested that you check out the BBC Earth Podcast that his sister Emily has been making.  He also suggested that you read this long article by Nick Carroll.

Asher liked this edit from the world longboard finals.

Kelly’s 3.07 against Felipe in Round 3, Heat 12 at Pipe yesterday. Best 3 point wave ever!

Will liked this edit from Torren Martyn

Ru also suggested checking out this end of week video from the resort.


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