60 – A Grand Day Out

Recorded on Monday 30th July, 2018, with Harry Knight, Asher King, , Ru Hill, and Jessie Carnes


We started by talking about the unfortunate fact that Harry is not Prince Harry, but that brought us to talk about how the Royal Wedding has been helping to raise money for Surfers Against Sewage.

We also mentioned the film “Blue Juice”, which you should defiantly watch!

Ru spoke about his Niece, Grace, wanting to learn how to grab rail after watching Jamie O’Brien surfing Pipeline. He also mentioned 2 Youtube channels that discuss science topics for kids. AsapSCIENCE and Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell.

Jessie has been in Florida with Will. They went to Ginnie Springs Park to free-dive some of the caves, as well as fishing for lobsters.

Asher has been in California, hanging out at the Bing Surfboards factory, and entering the Call To The Wall surf contest.

Harry has been to El Salvador scouting possible places for a Surf Simply satellite project.

We spoke about the ongoing build at the surf simply resort, and mentioned in passing the British TV show “Grand Designs”. Ru spoke about the recent post we put up talking about our work in the community. You can read the original post here.


FIrst up in the news is the huge swell that’s been rolling through Indonesia. Ru made us all watch a video that Surfer Magazine put out. You can watch the video here as I can’t post it in these notes, but you can get a feel for the waves from this clip

We also spoke about the huge waves that hit Bali, and Uluwatu in particular. The drone footage of the wave is here.

The next thing in the news is the ongoing controversy about how to name aerial rotations in surfing. The New York Times wrote a piece on the discussion.

The controversy started with trying to work out if this air from Albee Layer is a 360 or a 540. What do you think?

Tesla have released a surfboard in collaboration with Matt Biolos from …Lost.

We also mentioned the release of the movie version of Tim Winton’s book “Breath”



The Padang Padang Cup ran last month and Jack Robinson won the event very convincingly.

We’ve also had the WCT event at J-Bay.

Filipe Toledo won the men’s event over Wade Carmichael

and Steph Gilmore won the women’s

Unfortunately the biggest story from the event was the failure of the Facebook Live streaming platform, which resulted in the WSL returning to it’s own in house platform halfway through the event.

Harry also mentioned the Highline event not being as fun to watch as last years event. The footage of that heat appears to have vanished.


MAIN FEATURE: The Surf Ranch

We were very lucky to have the opportunity to go and play at the Kelly Slater Wave Co test facility in Lemoore, California. The whole day was amazing, and thank you so much to the whole team there.

Ru mentioned the interview he did with People & Company which you can check out here, and Harry mentioned how he managed to mess up his only 2 waves.

Harrison on the other hand had no problems.

Sometimes I have to pinch myself and remember that this is all real. When your job involves surfing perfect waves with all your friends, you know life is pretty good. Big thanks to @kswaveco and the #surfranch for hosting us, and a very special thanks to @surfsimply @ruhill @hjmknight and @carnitajessita for organizing such an amazing day of surfing! These guys put in countless hours behind the scenes to make this trip happen and it paid off big time. It was really cool to see so many long term guests and friends of Surf Simply pushing themselves in waves of consequence, pulling into tube after grinding tube, and trading off perfect waves over the course of a truly unforgettable day. Feeling super thankful to be a part of it all, for all of the opportunities that have come my way and all of the amazing people I get to share the experiences with

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We spent the rest of the time talking about how we where using the wave to facilitate our coaching. Harry mentioned the video that Jose is going to make of our day, but unfortunately it’s not quite ready yet.


INTERVIEW: James Mathews (Surf Ranch Lifeguard)

While we were at the Surf Ranch, Teale took the time to interview the head of the lifeguards James Mathews.


Asher chose this edit of Joel Tudor and his son surfing in Malibu.

As Ru mentioned before, his What to Watch is the Surfer Mag edit “Off The Chain Nias Super Swell

Jessie loved this edit of Bethany Hamilton and her family at the Surf Ranch.

Harry had 2 suggestions, firstly Jamie O’Brian surfing in Mexico in dinosaur suits

and secondly, Brett Barley questing for waves in Namibia:


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