58 – Mexico & The Machine

Recorded on Thursday 17 May, 2018, with Harry Knight, Ru Hill, and Asher King.


This week Asher talks about what it meant to be a competitor at the Mexi Log Fest.

la mejor semana del año @mexilogfest ????: @hisarahlee

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Ru and partner Marine had a media pass to Kelly’s Surf Ranch, read their take on the Founders Cup.


A surprise upset as the WSL Margaret River contest was cancelled due to shark sightings; the contest will be continued from Round 3 at Uluwatu, Bali.

American Wave Machines released some teasers of their new wave at Waco, Texas.

Andy Irons documentary premiered in Los Angeles last week, see the trailer here.

Andy’s passing is described in the newly released book by Chas Smith, ‘Cocaine + Surfing: A Sordid History of Surfing’s Greatest Love Affair’ has been released.


Ru has written his first thoughts of his visit to Kelly’s Surf Ranch, during the recent ‘The Founder’s Cup’ surf contest here at the Surf Simply Magazine. 

Kelly and the ‘VIP’ crowd.

The topic brushes over the wave pool’s use at the 2020 Olympics, and by coincidence Harry’s prediction of an ocean Olympic event may be more favourable has been confirmed.



Watch the preview for the traditional longboard contest, the ‘Mexi-Log Fest‘, that Surf Simply’s Coach Asher just competed in here:

Here is Asher’s recommendation for a lighter yet still traditional longboard:

Bing – Pocket ‘Knife’


Asher: Jack Coleman’s ‘Ocean Song’.


Harry: Surfline and Oneill’s Wave of the Winter for the 2017/18 Season.


#1 Founder’s Cup final highlights.

#2: CJ Nelson’s new longboard model ‘Further’.

Ru’s shout out to old friend Esteban Lopez from Surf Coach LA, if you’re in the LA area looking for surf lessons.

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