What is the Booking Process?

When you fill in the booking form we will email you confirming that we are holding your temporary reservation for the next three days. To then confirm the reservation you will need to pay the full amount within those three days.

We will also write to you with a questionnaire asking about your surfing experience and goals. Included in this email will be the link which will allow you to upload your footage to us.

What dates and times can people book?

Coaches are typically available for Video Feedback sessions and 1:1 Workshops between 9am and 5pm CST, Monday to Friday. You can check our exact and up-to-date availability HERE. Once you have uploaded your footage or are otherwise ready to book a coaching session, you will be able to book a session up to two weeks out

Payment methods

You can pay via an ACH payment (a standard bank transfer), Zelle or credit/debit card. For ACH payments you can find our Bank Details Here, and you can contact us to pay by credit or debit card but please be aware that there will be a 2.99% fee.

Cancellation policy

All payments made to us for an online coaching session are refundable up to 10 days prior to your confirmed coaching session.

Any video footage must be uploaded no later than 5 days prior to the date of your scheduled coaching session. If you have not uploaded your footage 5 days prior to your scheduled date we will have to reschedule your coaching session.

We strongly recommend that you have your video footage filmed prior to confirming the date of your session and bear in mind that the earlier you submit your footage the more time your coach will have to prepare your session.
Once a coaching session is confirmed you can reschedule the date of your session up to 48 hours before the date of the session, subject to availability. Within 48 hours, your booking can only be cancelled and we will not be able to refund any money paid to us. The most common reasons to change the date of a booking are that:

  • You can no longer make the prearranged time.
  • No video clips have been uploaded to us by 5 days out.
  • You have updated/new footage that you’d like to submit.

What if my footage isn’t uploaded by 5 days out?

Per the cancellation policy, we will reschedule your session if you do not have your footage uploaded in time. This will be dependent on availability of coaching sessions.

How long are the sessions?

The sessions are generally around 1 hour in length, but obviously the length of the session will depend slightly on the quantity of footage that you submit to us. We recommend scheduling at least 90 minutes so that you don’t have to finish your session early.

What if I’m running a little late?

There is a 30 minute grace period on your start time for the 1:1 sessions. If you are not signed into the zoom meeting 30 minutes after your start time, your session will be cancelled and we will not be able to refund your payment.

Group Seminars will always start at the scheduled time.

How will we talk to each other?

The session will take place using Zoom video conference software. This software is free to download, and you don’t need to set up an account to talk to us.


Cost for a Single Session is $150
Cost for a 2 Session Package is $260
Cost for a 5 Session Package is $600


Cost for a 1:1 Workshop is $80
Cost for a Group Seminar is $25

Can someone else (a friend/family member) sit in on my session?

If you would like to have someone sit and listen to your feedback that is absolutely fine. However we remind you that the session will be specific for you in every aspect and may not be applicable for the other person. We also ask you to ensure that they don’t interrupt the flow of the lesson.

Minimum age requirement

There is no minimum age requirement for these feedback sessions but please be aware that online coaching does require a higher degree of focus and commitment than in-person coaching. So we do recommend that any student understands this at the outset and is prepared to sit and listen.

Do we have to have stayed at Surf Simply before?

No, but if this is your first session with us, there will be a lot of information that we’ll want to cover in order that you and your coach understand each other clearly. Therefore your first session may take a little longer than normal, and we may cover some subjects that are not directly related to your video feedback.

Video quality

Ideally, we like to have the surfer take up about 1/3 of the height of the picture, and the video to have a minimum resolution of 720p.

Video filmed from the beach is generally the best as you can see both the surfer and the wave they’re riding. For more advice on how to get video clips, and which one’s work best, check out Episode 69 of the Surf Simply Podcast.

Please upload all footage in its original, unedited and uncompressed format. Upload all clips individually. MP4 files are preferred but MOV files are also acceptable.

Can I use footage from a Surfline cam?

Maybe. Some web cameras have very high resolution and are positioned close to the waves. Others are installed too far away from the waves, or have resolutions that are too low to really see what the surfer is doing.

Minimum or Maximum clips

Reviewing footage takes time and so we ask that you limit what you send us to a maximum of 15 waves. Whilst there is no minimum it should be said that the more footage we have the better we will be able to understand your surfing. Your coach may review all of your waves with you or only the ones necessary for the session that they tailor for you.

Can my partner and I both submit clips?

Unfortunately not as each session is tailored to the individual student. This isn’t possible with multiple students who are invariably working on different skills and techniques.

What software do I need? (Can we use something other than Zoom?)

We prefer to use Zoom for the coaching sessions as it has proven to be the most reliable and stable of the video conference software options. It’s free for you to use, and allows us to easily review footage with you.

If you really don’t want to use Zoom then please let our us know which software you would prefer and we will try to accommodate you. However, be aware that this may limit your experience and not all options will be possible for us.

Do You Coach Beginners?

Yes, we can provide help and support through your early progression and make sure that you’re not cementing any bad habits.

What level surfer is required?

We can provide coaching to any level of surfer and seeing video of yourself will be extremely useful whether you’re working on pop-ups or barrel riding.

Do you coach traditional noseriding? Tube Riding?

Yes, the coaching team can help you with any of the skills on the Tree of Knowledge.

Do you coach SUP surfing?

No, although there are a few similarities between surfing and Stand Up Paddle surfing, our specialities lie in the mechanics of non-paddle surfing.

Do I tip my coach after the session?

No, like a growing number of businesses, we do not accept tips at Surf Simply. This is due to the inherent pressures and unfairnesses of the tipping system on both employees and customers.

If you feel, as we hope you will, that we have gone above and beyond then rather than tipping we would really appreciate it if you left us reviews online instead (TripAdvisor and Facebook). We are reliant on these reviews to grow our business and that, in turn, benefits the entire team in a more long lasting way.