Me, Myself and Surfing: Kerby Brown

Words by Mat Arney & images by Kerby Brown/Brown Brothers

Kerby Brown

In this first instalment of our “Me, Myself & Surfing” interview series we catch up with West Australian charger Kerby Brown to learn more about his relationship with the act of riding waves.

Name:                        Kerby Brown

Current Age:            31

Location:                   Kalbarri, Western Australia

Occupation:             Surfer

Kerby Brown surfer
  • My earliest memory of surfing is… getting pushed into the shore break by my dad on a foamy in Bali.
  • Surfing to me is… a huge part of my life. I need the adrenalin rush of big waves to keep me happy.
  • Home is…a sleepy little fishing town in the Mid West of Western Australia.
  • My first overseas surf trip was to… Indonesia.
  • I still want to travel to… Fiji, I still haven’t surfed Cloudbreak.
Kerby Brown The Right by Shorty
  • I wish that I could… Fly, I spend way too much of my life in the car!
  • I’d love to share a few waves with… my friends.
  • My magic board/piece of equipment is/was a… All of my Simon Anderson boards go insane!
  • Wetsuits are… great when it’s cold.
  • Localism is… necessary to regulate surf breaks.
The Brown Brothers surf
  • Before I get in the sea I always… listen to music.
  • My most memorable session was… Hard to name one, but probably a few years ago at the Right. I rode the biggest, heaviest wave of my life.
  • The last time I scared myself surfing… a few months ago I went head first into the coral and had to get carried away in the ambulance.
  • My favorite surf movie is… I don’t really watch them anymore but all the old Billabong Jack McCoy films were awesome.
  • My guilty pleasure is… Beer.
More than just a slab specialist.
  • If I didn’t surf then I’d probably… be dead.
  • My greatest fear is… something bad happening to someone in my family, especially my boy.
  • I’m happiest when… I’ve scored a big swell and I come home to my girl and grom.
  • I check the surf forecast…too often.
  • I dream about… riding new slabs.
Kerby Brown WA
  • If I could travel back in time I’d set the dial to… I’d want to go back to the 70’s… I was born too late.
  • In the future… I don’t want to go forward in time.
  • When I get barreled I… feel so content.
  • Surf culture… whatever!
  • The ocean is… the best place in the world to me.

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