When you Book Your Session we’ll send you a link that will allow you to upload your videos to us, as well as a link to our online coaching questionnaire. The questionnaire allows you to tell us more about your surfing, your goals, etc. With this information, your coach will then review your footage and prepare a video presentation for you.


We use Zoom video conference software for the feedback sessions. This software is free to download, and you don’t need to set up an account to talk to us. The day before we’re due to talk, we’ll send you a link that will give you access to the call.

On the day of your consultation you will have a 1:1 video call with your coach, who will walk you through the areas they’ve identified for improvement. There will be ample opportunity for you to ask them any questions you might have, and they will finish by setting you some homework to go away and work on until we next see you.

After the session we’ll send you a recording of the conversation so that you can review it later in your own time.

The Single Session

The cost for a single coaching session is $215.

A single video feedback session with a surf simply coach, during which they will assess your surfing and provide drills to help you improve.

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The 2 Session Package

We also offer a 2 session package for $395.

The purpose of this package is to allow you to follow up with your coach after your first feedback session, to see how you’re getting on with your drills and homework. The date of this second session will be arranged after you’ve taken your first session.

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What footage to send

Reviewing footage takes time, this is why we ask you to get your footage to us at least 5 days in advance, and we ask that you limit what you send us to a maximum of 15 waves. There is no minimum, but obviously the more footage we have, the better we’ll be able to understand your surfing.

Try to resist the temptation of only sending us your highlights. It’s only when we see the full range of your surfing that we’re able to differentiate between consistent technique that needs adjusting and the one off mistakes that everyone makes from time to time. More importantly, we want to see your mistakes so we can help you avoid making them again in the future.


As a rule the bigger you are on the screen and the higher the resolution of the video, the more your coach is going to be able to see. Ideally we like to have the surfer take up about 1/3 of the height of the picture, and the video to have a minimum resolution of 720p. That said, we will do our best to work with whatever footage you are able to send us.