Friends of Nosara is a network of community organizations, donors and volunteers that support charitable, environmental, educational, civic and social activities to help Nosara become an even better place. Following is a list and a quick description of these organizations. You can click on the link associated with each of them to access their respective website for further details. Any donations you wish to make to one or multiple organizations can be made through Friends of Nosara.



Bibliotheca David Kitson  ( Books for everyone ?)   The library David Kitson was created 20 years ago by Beverly Kitson who wanted to turn the donations received in tribute to her late husband David into something that would serve his memory as well as the Nosara community. It has since enriched the entire community by bringing knowledge and education.

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Bomberos de Nosara   The small fire department of Nosara is made of 10 volunteers who want to keep the town safe and secure. They respond to all emergencies and actively work with the local police, but are always in need of donations. 

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Nosara Verde is nonprofit organization founded in 2009 aiming to reforest public and protected areas of the Costa Rican coasts while involving actively  schools, members of the communities and visitors throughout the process. Barriguiones is the project taking place in Nosara.

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Nosara Animal Care (NAC) is a Nosara based, nonprofit, animal welfare organization. Its mission is to provide quality health care for Nosara’s most vulnerable animals while working with the community through educational programs to promote animal health.

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imagesNosara Civic Association (NCA) is a group of Nosara area residents and businesses dedicated to protecting the beaches of Nosara and the surrounding environment. Now celebrating its 40th year, the NCA promotes an understanding of that environment’s fragility and the need for careful community development through advocacy, conflict resolution, and communication of relevant information. The goal is to honor and promote a sustainable future for the Nosara area.

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Nosara Food Bank is a nonprofit association helping distribute food to verylow-income families in Nosara and surrounding areas.

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Nosara Recycles A group of concerned residents formed in 2008 the ADN (Asociacion de Desechos y Reciclaje de Nosara) in response to the degradation of our immediate environment and natural resources. The goal is to educate, promote and advance environmentally and economically sound waste management practices in Nosara and surrounding areas.

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Refuge for Wildlife Founded in January of 1999, the Refuge for Wildlife has been a place for injured, displaced and orphaned wildlife from Nosara and the Nicoya Peninsula and now from all over Costa Rica. They rescue, treat, rehabilitate and release all types of wild animals, but howler monkeys have become their specialty. Their goal for every animal that arrives at the Refuge for Wildlife, is to return them to the jungle as quickly as possible.

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Nosara Watch Nosara Fire and Security Association helps support the local police to prevent deliquency and crime in Nosara, offers security tips and services to visitors and residents, and keeps every one updated on security issues.

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tamandoa-2SIBU Wildlife Sanctuary  SIBU’s mission is to rescue injured, orphaned, and displaced wild animals and provide them medical care, rehabilitation, and eventual release into the wild. Animals unlikely to survive in the wild receive a permanent enriching habitat for their life-term care. They are also educators and advocates who work cooperatively with other organizations to encourage respect for animals’ lives and preservation of their habitat. They rehabilitate animals with assistance from veterinary and wildlife specialists and work closely with Costa Rica’s electric company (ICE) to prevent electrocutions.

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TORTUGuiones12108950_1503196823339386_3627895328819564180_n TORTUGuiones is a community- and volunteer-based sea turtle conservation project in the Guiones Sector of the Ostional National Wildlife Refuge that provides sea turtle conservation, outreach, and education to protect sea turtles and their habitat within this part of the refuge.

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Books for Everyone


Libros Para Todos, a project of La Nacion, one of Costa Rica’s leading newspapers, along with a group of committed local residents, changed all that. In February, at the start of the new school year, the project gave books to all our public school children, four books each: Science, Social Studies, Math and Spanish.

Santa Marta


School children and teachers with no books. That was the situation in Nosara area schools until the current school year. If teachers wanted books they had to buy them or, as many did, go to our community library and make copies of the books the library has in its reference section. The only children who had books were the few whose parents could afford to purchase them.

Los Angeles Book Delivery



The kids love their books, the teachers love that the kids have books, the children’s families are thrilled that the children bring home books, have homework to do in them, share them with younger siblings. The children have written their names in their books. The teachers have built lessons around the exercises in the books. More than 900 sets of books were distributed to elementary school children in eight public schools.



You can help continue this program in Nosara area schools by making a contribution to Libros Para Todos, Nosara. La Nacion prints the books (in full color) on newsprint, making it possible to outfit a child with four books for only $13. Feeling especially generous?  For $120 you can provide every child in the Los Angeles school with four books for the new school year. (In Costa Rica the school year begins on February).